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Subject: Re: UI
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Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 16:20:39 EEST

> The introduce system used in Majik4 might be the best choice then. So, initially there's nothing on a top of a monster until the user click's it and gives it a name, but then if there's no name placed on a thing then it will display like this on the text
> window: "a human: blah...", or something, but what if there's more than one human talking?

well, if there is more than one human you could just name them all. It doesn't matter
if name is not right one I suppose you can change it later? This would require you to see target to name it which is good because you couldn't name target who is hiding
from you. If target is not named you would just see text in the bottom of display like
this "Human: Blah". I think you could still figure out if there is more than one hidden person talking since people tend to write with different styles.

> Makes it hard to distinguish who is speaking even if
> we have BG style color telling that some object is speaking now, they
> can speak at same time.

As I said, if you can name person who you see this problem doesn't exist.

> But then, what if the user encounters a new monster that he doesn't know, then the monster speaks and at same time reveals the name, then we wouldn't have situa tions like this: "Hey, what is this monster? I haven't never seen one.", "It is a necrolyte, run for your life."

Player could name that monster...but I see the problem since you shouldn't know that necrolyte is necrolyte if have never seen it before :). So, there couldn't be "Necrolyte: Blah" in the display box. Maybe we should have naming for both race and individual person :P or some race lore skill and each race have some value (from 1-100) which determines how easy it is to identify it. This would make
mages/scholars study race lore to identify more stranger creatures...but I'd prefer naming of both race and per son since it's stupid that lore skill doesn't allow you to identify monster if you still know it's necrolyte. I suppose that system is going to be such that when you once name target you will recognize it later so this wouldn't be too hard since you must name each race only once. I have
to admit that race naming is a bit stupid so I'd
like to see better system for this...

- Beregar (

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