Re: A summary of things decided

Subject: Re: A summary of things decided
From: McDuff (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 17:57:39 EET

Listen, these things decided are frikkin reasonable!  We need to get _out_
of the situation where we argue about every little thing, and use these
things that were decided before me, hook, eleril or any of the other new
people came in, as a base on which to build the details, and get the
worldbook and the game actually sorted.

I'm not an "elder," nor am I Sinister or Mandor, but I think that we should
just work with stuff as it is.  If you really, really have a big, serious
problem with anything in this summary, say so, but if it's just a gripe that
no-one asked you, remember that the main base of Development is going on in
Finland, so the Finns automatically have a bit of a tighter grip on it than
the rest of us.

Personally, if it must come to a vote, although I think that it should not,
I will vote for the "candidate" of keeping the desc as it is and moving on.

I know it can piss off new descers when the old guys come in and say
"everything you've worked on is moot, because we got all of that decided
ages ago" - I had to deal with that with the Orcs and Harum - but we'll just
have to live with it.  In the end, looking at it objectively, I have to day
that the summary is as good as we'll get with a vote - whatever we decide on
in a vote may be "different" but it probably won't be "better," or not
enough to be worth the hassle, anyway.

Can we now, please, get into teams and sort out the descs of these starting

BTW, can someone tell me if the history of the sages from their perspective
has been written.  Otherwise, I'm going to work from this "Things Decided"
post and flesh it out, trying to make it as flexible as possible, so that
when all of us designers and stuff decide who we are, where we come from and
what we want to be doing now, we can all be consistent with each other and
fit into the world.


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