A summary of things decided

Subject: A summary of things decided
From: Kaoru Shalamberidze (ttikka@icon.fi)
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 21:38:08 EET

Contents of this mail are based on the majik 'pikkujoulu' con and a 
converstation that has involved atleast : Mandor, Yokraturr, Dazzt,
Namhas, Harum, Beregar, Brethel, Mirithil, Malekith, some parts are
also 'chatted straight' with Hook and Eleril. 

The purpose of this mail is to wrap up some decisions and give them the
absolute final stamp of "approved". End of debate and bullshit.

The stuff presented here :

1.  Nature of magic / structure of reality
2.  Spells
3.  Events behind the creation
4.  The elder gods
5.  The new gods
6.  The ancients
7.  Men
8.  War of gods
9.  Power levels
10. Kinetics between gods
11. The sages
12. Divine points and power mechanisms
13. Avatars
14. Flying rooms
15. NPC's
16. Starting player list
17. The cataclysm
18. Timeline of events in Majik

All this stuff here HAS BEEN DECIDED these are NOT proposals.


1. Nature of magic and structure of reality

Just like in quantum physics, also the majik universe consists of very
small parts. These are the parts that from reality. Also the basic idea
and force behind magic. They can be called Vim, Vis, Magical Force, Prime
Particles, or what ever you will. Lets you Prime Particles or PP in this
description. Just like small quantum particles form quarks, protons, atoms
etc. In the same way PP's form patterns and patterns from pattern groups.
These patterns construct things like time, matter, energy, mind, spirit,
space, soul, entropy, etc, etc.. all the spheres/symbols/domains or what
ever you want to call them. Everything within the creation is based on
PP's and patterns. They are building blocks of reality and existence.

When the elder gods created the universe they designed it to work on these
basics, there was no magic before this event. Thus elder gods created
magic. And they know exactly how the universe works. They see beyond the
normal illusion of existence, they know what is beyond. 

The whole concept of magic is mislead, since there is no such thing, magic
is the same as reality. Same as our atoms and leptons, quarks and bosons.
The only difference is that in the universe of majik the gods made it
possible to see the patterns forming everyhting and they also made it
possible for those with skill to manipulate the patterns. That leads us

2. Spells

Also the concept of spells is a bit mislead. It is as obscure are things
like "skill" "talent" "attitude" etc.. in real life. Magic is the act of
manipulating reality, or to be more precise the act of manipulating the
patterns that form reality. Almost none - NOT EVEN the new gods are able
to manipulate everything by manipulating single PP's, that is a vast power
usually only in the hands of elder gods. This is a meta-physical base
level dealing directly with the base components of reality. Same magical
effects can be generated by perhaps a 100 different ways, thus there isnt
any one spell like "fireball" the effects similar to "fireball" can be
generated by many different reality-manipulative ways, like : changing the
energy patterns to create fire, transmuting matter to energy, transporting
fire from future/past to the present, transporting fire from another place
to this place.. etc.. Players have to able to create their own
combinations and their own "spells".. a player mage can invent a
comnination that changes reality and gives a fireball-like effect as a
result and then he can label that as 'fireball' and cast it as suchs on
later day.

3. Events behind the creation

First there was Namhas alone in the void. After him came Aluna, Dalia and
Sinister. Aluna being 'white' Dalia being 'grey' and Sinister being
'black' After them came their descedants, Dazzt, Mandor, Harum and
Yorkaturr. Dalia got too close to Sinister and started being more black
than grey, this resulted in Aluna killing Dalia. These events took
namaless eons in the world of the void. Also while in the void the gods
experiemented, created servants, did their doings for many millena. After
eons of age Namhas decided that it was time for something greater, time to
start the creation. Gods pretty much destroyed or abandoned their old
affairs and servants, bahished them in the abyss. These 7 beings, namhas,
aluna, sinister, dazzt, mandor, harum and yorkaturr constructed the
universe and did the creation. They based the structure on prime particles
and alloved them to be manipulated, thus creating magic (above) they built
the whole creation based on similar rules - which however where on their
own everchanging hands. The rest of this history follows in Majik time

4. The elder gods

Elder gods are the most powerful beings in the creation - pretty much
because its their own bloody creation :).. Their true forms can never
exist in the creation, they always have their true forms in the world of
the void. They always use avatars of projections to interact with the
creation, thou they can manipulate the creation even from the void. Their
true form can never be visible, material or anything alike. Their true
forms cannot be touched by anything in the creation, and thus they never
can be even harmed - except by each other. Only another elder gods can
really harm another. New gods or other beings can destroy the avatars of
elder gods, if they have enough power to do that - but just wait a while
and that elder god you just killed is back with even meaner avatar :) with
a venegance. Elder gods arent just only beings, but also forces that are
at work in the universe. Yorkaturr the god of death IS death in every
sense. When somebody dies Yorkaturr is there to take him away. The same
thing goes for Mandor, when sun has set his presence fills the world in
the form of darkness. The portions of elder gods overlap somewhat, but
that is ment to be so. 

5. The new gods

New gods are the first servants and 'assistant powers' created by the
elder gods to control and manage the creation. The new gods now in
god-level power are the most promising ones of those ever made, they have
managed to survive for a very very long time, and they have considerable
power. Most powerful of them have about the same power and influence over
the creation as do the elder gods - witch the exception that they are part
of the creation, not outside it like the elder gods. They can be killed
and they can never exist in the primodial world of the void. 

6. The ancients

The ancients are former new gods or beings who took the form of flesh.
They avoided the war of gods by doing this. Their share in the order of
things has become a smaller one over time. But they are the ancestors of
some races that dwell the world today. Sages belong to this race of the
ancients. Today after the cataclysm they are few in existence. 

7. Men

Humanity was created in the middle of the war of gods by new gods. They
created humans to aid them, to ally with them, and to feed them power.
Humanity worshipped the new gods and gave them power. Since the patterns
of life, soul, spirit and mind are powerfulones, this would have been a
good plan - it they ever would have had any change of winning the elder
gods. Some of the mannish races were also created by the elder gods, but
this was at a later date, after new gods created the first of men.

8. War of gods

Some time after the creation the servants of elder gods (new gods) started
to disagree with their masters, they even abandoned them in some cases.
There were very many spirits/new gods in exitence and only those 7 old
geezer gods. Some of the spirits started to gather knowledge and power,
make war with each other and so on. When they finally got powerful enough
they turned against the elder gods. They got very powerhungry and had
severe delusions of grandeour. The war lasted a very long time. Partly
because the elder gods had very little interest in it :).. and the end
result was clear, new gods lost. After the war elder gods forced new gods
to take responsibilities within the creation. And they did so partly by
their own will too. World came to a new order and has stayed as such.

9. Power levels

I     elder gods - namhas
II    elder gods - sinister and aluna
III   elder gods - dazzt, mandor, harum and yorkaturr

IV    new gods - god level
V     new gods - lesser god level
VI    new gods - demigod level

VII   the ancients and the sages

Within the levels there ofcourse exists quite view differences, but these
are the major brakepoints in power. 

10. Kinetics between gods

Kinetics of power between mandor, harum and yorkaturr are interesting. 
They change almost constantly, since these 3 sons step on each others toes
and partly overlap sinisters domain aswell. Yorkaturr also dislikes both
his brothers, but doesnt dislike sinister. The 3 brothers rarely unite,
rarely work together or towards a single goal. They even fight somewhat
with each other to 'shake things out'

There also exists a nice balance between Dazzt and the 3 brothers. Dazzt
is the most powerful of elder god-level gods, He alone against any one
single person of the 3 brothers and dazzt would win. But 2 brothers united
can beat Dazzt. But since the 3 dont much do things together the balance
stays. There also is link between Yorkaturr and Dazzt.. since there is no
death without life and no life without death. All healing also requires
dying and dying requires healing. This group of 4 gods tend to avoid each
other alot. 

11. The sages

The sages are ancients who took the form of "flesh" the form doesnt have
to exactly flesh, but it cant be that of celestial spirit either. Sages
are ancient creatures all the way from the time before the war of gods.
They watched and learned while others did war, and it was the sages who
first predicted the loss of the new gods. The sages today interact with
gods and other powers on daily basis. Sages help them, inform them, serve
them etc.. or just simply hang around with them. Some sages are even older
than some god-level new gods. And almost certainly older than any demigod
in existence. Their knowledge is vast and their insight great. And they
know the act of manipulating reality very well indeed. And they know gods,
some of them even personally. 

12. Divine points and power mechanisms

Elder gods have _VAST_ number of dinive points and power. They dont need
to be worshipped as much to get more of them either. An elder god might
even step outside the creation and summon a huge pile of power and then
come back - thus effectively generating power from thin air. But usually
its too much of a hassle and they have enough power anyways. There also is
a power mechanism behind the flow of divine points, much like a pyramid
effect in network marketing or something. Eventually everythig will end up
to namhas, all good to aluna and all bad to sinister. Elder gods can also
draw power from beyond this reality (creating from thin air) Elder gods
also have a huge number of woshippers. The power comes flowing from down
to up. From the lowest demigod all the way up to namhas. 

New gods have more narrow domains than elder gods, and they DO NOT have
the ability to drain power from cources outside this reality. But they are
high in the chain-of-power mechanism, that means that they will get quite
much power aswell. However even they can't never fully understand the
creation and this reality as good as can those who made it (the elder

13. Avatars

Elder gods in the reality always use avatars. What is a true form to a new
gods is simply just a prime-avatar for an elder god. Also the earthly
avatars of gods exist in the world all the time. There are some nodes or
places of power where the skeleton of Yorkaturr sits silently on his
throne. When Yorkaturr takes that form it awakens. These avatars can be
summoned by powerful ritual that tear reality apart and cause these things
to happen. So it is possible to an avatar of Harum without the spirit of
harum being inside it. Also death may come to avatars, as well as all
other things in the creation. Gods are pretty hard to kill thou..

14. Flying rooms

There was 2 "flying rooms" but they were NOT at any point called 'flying
rooms' instead in stories there exist names like 'celestial castles'
'floating mountains' 'celestial mountains' 'sky cities' 'places of origin'
etc etc.. The 2 flying thingies were created by new gods in the mids of
the war of gods. The other place contained all 'goodie' races like
ordinary men, elves etc.. the other contained monster races, and evil ones
like trolls. They were 2 huge flying inverted mountains that were kept in
hiding from the elder gods and that crashed to the soil of the world. 
From these places of origin the races spread all over the world.

15. NPC's

We dont want dumpass stupid NPC's to run everything. So they are used as
little as possible. But they ARE used as assistants and servants by the
players. A player own a bakery - he hires a few dumpass NPC's to run it
while he isnt online etc.. We try to create as good AI as possible for
NPC's and even better and heavier one for NPC monsters who play a much
bigger role than assistants. Hopefully players want to run everything
themselfs and hopefully we have enough players to do that.

16. Starting player list

We decided to gather a list of maybe 500-2000 players that are COMITTED to
play the game once it opens. The game starts right after the events of the
cataclysm and these 500-2000 players are the ones that build the base of
the world again. After they have done enough the game is really opened for
everyone. By the time this happens the 500-2000 players will be respected
elders, land lords or other old geezers or powerful heroes, helping
newbies and perhaps dominating part of them - but hey thats the way it
goes. We advertise alot and gather a good 500+ names for this cataclysm
launch of events.

17. The cataclysm

Events of the cataclysm went as follows :

- The background events are deep in history. There existed several
  powerful beings and creatures that all developed towards this event
  with or without their own knowledge.
- After countless years they started forming groups, one was sinisters
  covenant, and one the sinisters group of liches, there were others
  aswell, many others, no one really knows them all since all these
  groups were secretive and shady. Some smaller groups formed
  alliances and grew bigger.
- They tested their powers against each others and played with great
  affairs. They battled over things like people, artifacts, knowledge,
  wealth.. etc.. everything. 
- This testing escalated into more serious competition and fraction.
- By this time the different groups had much influence among humanity
  and the undead. They started to increase and abuse their power
  in a great scale of things.
- The first negative effects hit the lesser new gods
- The groups started an all out war and grew ever stronger in power
- They started to attract a huge volume of devoted followers for
  their ideals, which were forexample atheism and satanism + others.
  People grew more ignorant towards the gods and more supportive
  towards their powerful leaders, the different wizardy cabals.
  Who gave them something of value and a sense of greater purpose.
- As more effects backfired on gods they started to realise that this
  all wasnt a good thing
- The cabals and their followers went offensive and started to really
  resist the gods and the old ways. 
- The new gods started to resist and fight back, only to find that
  the elder gods, mainly the evil trio of mandor, harum and yorkaturr
  were almost entirely behind all this. Mandor feeding hunger for power,
  harum waging for war and yorkaturr harvesting the dead. 
- Good gods like Dazzt and other lesser ones started a campaign to
  help humanity from falling apart. Their efforts were eventually 
  lost however.
- The ranks of new gods started to fall apart. Most of their worshippers
  were now gone or against them. Much of their support and power was
  gone from their reach. They tried even harder to do something
  about it but they had too much resistance from the evil elder
  gods, and the the 9 horsemen of evil. 
- The workings of the cabal lead to open war of demons and other beings
  the undead roamed the world and the 9 horsemen caused havoc. 
- World escalated towards chaos as the new gods abandoned their duties
  and because of that even more things started to go wrong. The 
  powerhungry cabals had managed to destroy sages, ancients and even
  few new gods. The real destruction started about this time.
- New gods whined beyond anything before. But it was the will of the
  elders that let humanity destroy themselfs - simply because they
  are such an assess. Conclave of gods decided to do nothing. Sit and
  watch as puny humans destroy themselfs. 
- All the evil creatures of the world finally came out of hiding and
  joined the symphony of destruction, also good paladins and great
  holy warriors tried to slay the evil ones. But it was the core
  of the people that was rotten and what caused the most of the
- Chaos, disorder and madness swept throught the world. 
  Apocalyptic events took place. 
- Humanity got their share of extreme natural phenomenon, diseases,
  madness and chaos. As en end result amnesia came. 
- After their leaders gone and the world in ruins the people still
  remember some of the old ways and might even return to those paths.

18. Timeline in the world of majik

- Namhas in the void
- Aluna, Dalia and Sinister
- Birth of Dazzt, Mandor, Harum and Yorkaturr
- Destruction of Dalia
- Abandoning of the voidal life
- The creation
- Creation of servant spirits
- The ways separate to new gods, ancients and sages
- Plantlife and the world is created
- Sinister freezez the world in his fate of the sun
- Aluna defrobs the world, mostly
- Sinister takes the great mirror
- The new gods start to gather power and might
- The war between gods start
- Sinister brakes his great mirror, demons enter the world
- New gods create humanity
- Elder gods find out but dont care
- Elder gods create few species of their own
- The war escalates into a point where the new gods are powerless
- Elder gods win, the world takes a new order
- Prosperous times follow, humanity grows and life is beautiful
- The powerhungry cabals start to get formed
- Their struggle escalates into a war
- The chaos begins
- Gods decide to do nothing
- The cataclysm takes place
- Now

This timeline is only a pretty quick draft =) this should be filled in
more perfectly at a later time. But iv been writing this damn mail for
like 2 hours now, id like very much to finish this.


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