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Subject: Re: A summary of things decided
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 10:37:19 EET

Kaoru Shalamberidze wrote:

> 1.  Nature of magic / structure of reality
> 2.  Spells
> 3.  Events behind the creation
> 4.  The elder gods
> 5.  The new gods
> 6.  The ancients
> 7.  Men
> 8.  War of gods
> 9.  Power levels
> 10. Kinetics between gods
> 11. The sages
> 12. Divine points and power mechanisms
> 13. Avatars
> 14. Flying rooms
> 15. NPC's
> 16. Starting player list
> 17. The cataclysm
> 18. Timeline of events in Majik

Time for debate. Ok, Mandor has put up this nice list of "decisions"
much of it in new and almost all of it is his design. I would like these
things to be decided as much as anyone but many of the these descs have
defied public input and scrutiny. As such we need to vote on them in a
democratic fashion. Therefor we will go through each of these one by one
casting votes for each and debating them as we go. The first article of
business is to nominate a moderator. I will moderate this first article.
Mandor and myself are excluded for nomination. Mandor because he wrote
them and myself because i am to biased (mandor is also but he is already
removed from the nomination). Presumably all the developers are excluded
as well because they are to busy to do this. although it is up to them
to be excluded or included depending on the time they have So we are
left with designers. I would first like to nominate Beregar for this
position. He is generally fair, neutral and wishes to complete this
design as fast as any one.

If others would like to nominate someone else please feel free to do so.
You can even nominate yourself.

This is the most fair and quickest way to get these things decided.
Simply saying it is decided does not make it so. We must come to a
consensus not dictatorial mandate. Otherwise the game will lack any
ingenuity that is innate with team work.

Let the nominations begin.
after a day or two we will have a vote on those nominated.
everyone on the team can vote. In fact they have to vote.

Joshua 'hook' Corning

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