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Subject: Re: Fauna (+ some other stuff)
From: Jonathan Koehn (Eleril) (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 17:05:42 EET

Check out
Majik 3D project
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Subject: Re: Fauna (+ some other stuff)

> On Tue, 30 Nov 1999, Jonathan Koehn (Eleril) wrote:
> I have nothing against this but I think we should concentrate on
> those starting locations. I would like to know who are making them
> and which area?

I believe im currently helping on Lamarhen.

> Then a question: Are sages supposed to pick one race which they
> will watch over or will we do teamwork? There's still probably
> not enough sages for the first option but in latter case we
> will probably have nice conflicts with different opinions
> clashing together. What if some of the sages don't want meddle
> with mortal affairs? :)
Btw how many sages are there. I counted 19 but i dont know if thats right or
if even all of them
are keeping up with majik3d.
I think watching over one race or a region would be good. If theres not
enough that want to do it

> - Beregar Dar'Eldath (

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