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Subject: post cataclysm
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 06:46:06 EET

I have written an example of the way it might look after the cataclysm.
The effects of the cataclysm seem to varied and different results of
devastation are expected. I suspect some cities will be untouched with
only diseased corpses inhabiting them still other cites might be only
left as a hole in the ground. Use your imaginations we could make a very
interesting hellscape for the players to awaken to.

Please post comments about what i have written. Does this fit our vision
of the post cataclysm world? If not what is wrong with it? If so what is
right about it? Etc..

Note this is a rough draft so excuse the run on sentences and


It is located on the eastern coast of Nalor Thaan and sits on the
Pyrsmute gulf. It was once a city that housed over a 100,000 citizens as
was the capital of the Hilosyph lands of Nalor Thaan. The city now lays
in ruins. The spiral towers of the Hilosyph district are toppled. The
city is a burned cinder of its former self. Many races once dwelled in
the city. Tradesmen and outlaws from all over the lands of Majik called
this city home. Within the Fik'bronn districts the devastation is that
of burnt out shells of building and some that appear to have been
crushed from above. The sewers and waterways below the city are
relatively untouched although multitudes of corpses clog its through
ways with golems prowling its depths, In the center of the city, at was
once the cities main market, stands a 30 meter tall stone statue of a
giant human. its arms are crossed and is nude. At its feet lays the
remains of another colossus stone statue. It is sprawled out with its
right arm laying beside it. Its stone material is crafted with the most
exquisite detail the areas  around the shoulder and arm are the most
striking and look as if the fleshy arm was torn from its arm socket
complete with bone shards, cartilage and muscle all captured in a stone

	The city is littered with ruble and corrpses. The manner of death among
them is of varried causes. Some are burnt others hacked to peaces and a
few seem to have no physical damage but are ashen white with plain
placid looks on their dead faces.

Joshua 'hook' corning

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