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Subject: RE: trying to understand.....
From: Otso Makinen (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 17:22:48 EET

> About Cataclysm, mortal point of view:
> Mortal 1: "I don't remember what happened, but I have heard that it
> was a war between the gods."
> Mortal 2: "I don't remember either, but I know arrogance of wizards
> caused the Cataclysm!"
> Mortal 3: "No no no, you are both wrong it was a big stone, falling
> from the skies!"
> Mortal 4: "..."
> Ie: Mortals don't know what happened. There are lots of rumours
> and that's it. Even the immortals / sages and maybe even the gods
> can have varying information about the Cataclysm. All the cataclysm
> stories can be rumours which the people may hear while they travel
> around the world. Only the select few (whoever they are/were)
> truly know what happened. What matters is that the world has only
> a few people left and there are ruins of previous civilizations
> around. Nature is in bad conditions on some parts of the world
> (mainly around civilization centers) and in great shape elsewhere.

Right. And now, no more mails on this subject.

Otso Mäkinen / Majik 3D Project

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