trying to understand.....

Subject: trying to understand.....
From: McDuff (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 15:12:53 EET

Right...... this is what I think is happening at the cataclysm at the
moment, from all the mix up of posts!

The people of majik gave up their religions over a period of time (unknown)
and turned to something else...denial of gods caused by very powerful
wizards coming in and claiming to be more powerful than Gods.

Gods were, understandably, not best pleased about this, and decided to do
something about it.

The Gods couldn't decide what to do - some wanted to wipe out the wizards,
some wanted to leave it, some wanted to just wipe out the whole planet and
be done with it.

While the crap was happening on the planet, more crap broke out with what,
in my opinion, would happen if every designer was actually a God or Sage,
rather than a real human being, eg the argument would take a turn for the
worst when hook or mandor or sinister threw the first fireball, and all of a
sudden a celestial free-for-all in the divine car park takes place.  The
effects of this war are felt on the planet, with the result of lots of
people getting knacked and the various memory loss etc taking place.

Namhas steps in at this point and shows the other Gods what drongos they
were - all the Gods realise that what they were fighting about no longer
exists as a problem, and with various mutterings they go back to doing
exactly what they were doing before, but in the changed world.

Is that about what we've got so far?

Please tell me what I've got wrong.  Of course, someone is bound to find
fault with everything I've said here, but can we try and get this cataclysm
thing decided before, say, Christmas. 2002.  Please.


PS  Who do you mail if you want a homepage on the server.  I
want to get my character descs for myself up, and when I start doing
graphics properly I want to be able to post them properly so that everyone
will know where to look.

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