Re: a bit smaller problem (memory loss etc.)

Subject: Re: a bit smaller problem (memory loss etc.)
From: Sinister Serpent (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 14:22:41 EET

joshua 'hook' corning wrote:
> Sinister Serpent wrote:
> > At least I think this way. If the memory loss would be as terrible as
> > how I proposed it (in the form of a disease), it would be very logical
> > that people would forget their names, occupations, relatives, skills
> > etc. Of course, some of the people would remember more than others.
> > Also, this would explain why NPC's are so fucking stupid >;]
> This sounds suspiciously like my "Answer!!?" mail. :)

Umm...was there a disease, too?
Or did you just mean those things people would forget?
Anyway, I agree with you on that people should forget a _lot_ what they
know. I am not copying your ideas, just backing up them.
 > > Sinister has had different opinions too, but still the majority?
> >
> > You know, true evil is always in the opposition with the majority (which
> > makes me suspicious about Mandor and his so-called "evil"
> > personality...*grin*).
> I think mandor and Yorka have seen me as a goodie because of that
> Althainon desc. True evil is not so obvious as most suppose. :) I
> suggest some of you reread some of my descs. There are some interesting
> carrots in them. :)

I was not commenting your nature at all, so I can not really say are you
a good or evil god. I have not read descs for most places simply because
I do not have time to do it (or will to do it at home, since I got
enough things to do already), so I really can not comment them anyway.
Your character is as evil or good as you want it to be and basically it
has nothing to do with the descs you write.
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