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Date: Mon May 31 1999 - 10:39:12 EEST

DESIGN: - these chapters must be made ready from WorldBook:
            + The Planet and the Continents within

              Approximately one or two pages long description of the planet
              Majik, how large it is and several misc. things about it then
              the continents must be also described here shortly, what kind
              of continents they are etc.

            + The Regions of Majik in short

              All large regions described shortly. Something in a way like
              this "In the northwest corner of the world there is continent
              of Minartar there is large and beautiful city of elves,
              Sol'daran. The whole corner inside walls of the mountains is
              common elven and half-elven populated land. It contains great
              forests and random elven settlements scattered around the
              area.", and so on. Describe them in pretty large scale, do not
              stick in to details too much. This should just give overview
              to the reader that in the northwest corner of Minartar is
              elven-land and nice forests and so on.

            + Languages in the World

              All the languages should be listed and described in short here,

                "Originally  Alande  was the language of wood elves, but
                 it has became more than that during the ages. Alande is
                 the common language of all elven tribes and it's spoken
                 alot among non-elven races aswell.  Alande  has  become
                 the  second  most  popular language after Sartog. It is
                 easy to learn an beautiful in your  ear.  Maybe  alande
                 originally  imitated sounds from the animal kind in the
                 forests, like the sing of a bird, sound  of  a  stream,
                 call  of  a wood grouse.  Beautiful natural voices that
                 shaped to a language along the years."

              All PC races should have their own languages, whether they're
              used or not. For example some races that are living in
              the influence of humans may speak Sartog natively, but they
              have a forgotten language which only the elders of the
              race can understand.

            + World of names

              This is done already, I heard.

            + Myth of Creation

              This should include specific detail of what was before Namhas,
              what Namhas did and then what Namhas's children did. Who did
              the Sun, where the stars come from etc. I think it would be cool
              to take certain parts from Belemar's "Book of Creation" and add
              them to the text, like this:

                Namhas did blah blah this and that, decided that he can't do
                everything alone and doesn't even want to and so he decided
                to create spirit of light, Aluna.

                  "The lone figure stilled and turned to the shining
                   white spirit. - "The spirit of light, Aluna, which
                   means brilliant, a sacred blessing is upon you and
                   the keys of hope are in your hands" ... "

              Or somehing like that, or then not :)

            + The Gods (all described)

              This is already partially done in the WorldBook. Someone just
              need to verify, spell-check, re-check and everything, then sent
              them back to me. We can also add new gods. We don't even nearly
              have a god for all the important spheres of influence. Belemar
              could draw pictures for those who are missing one.

            + Climate

              Do this in way of "Regions of Majik in short", just write that
              there is very hot in Glamhicar (or whatever it was) desert and
              never it does rain there, except on every monday of 6th month
              and such, and little something else too. Like average weather
              globally. Also this depends a little, whether the map we have
              contains the whole world or not. If this is really only a 62km x
              62km piece then there shouldn't be such drastic and obvious
              climate differences. Ask Glabrezu.

            + Flora
              Lists of herbs, what one can do with them and such, or
              something like that. Ask Glabrezu.

            + Structure of the World

              Well this is important part, what kind of world this is. Where
              is what, where magic comes from, what kind of planes of existence
              there is and stuff like that.

            + Life and Death

              More about how one becomes living and how it dies, what happens
              after it and what caveats there is. This should also include 
              something about Yorkaturr's role, the death thing. Also some misc
              things such as is it common to die of old age or not, etc.

Now, pick up your task :)

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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