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Subject: Re: Cataclysm decided!
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Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 13:02:23 EET

Kaoru Shalamberidze wrote:
> On Thu, 25 Nov 1999, Sinister Serpent wrote:
> > What the hell can I show to a blind man?
> > How in the hell I prove to a religious fanatic that his god does not
> > exist?
> > If you want to see my ideas the way you see it (which is obviously
> > wrong), I can not help you.
> > Read my post again and think what I wrote. If it still does not make
> > sense to you, just ignore it.
> As a designer of majiks history and nature of magic im hardly blind.

Heh, but you just proved that you are blind or at least, you behave like
At least you did not got my point anyway.

> This cant be much misunderstood :

Everything in this world can be misunderstood and that is a fact.
> > > > differs a lot from this. Mortals caused the cataclysm WITHOUT divine
>                                                             =======
> > These wizards who caused the cataclysm in the fist place were so
> > powerful that even lesser gods could not stop them - or then they were
> > not allowed by the gods and greater gods. How this is possible, you ask.
> > Well, like I said, they were _powerful_ wizards with such skill at true
> > magic that they were able to fool the gods and stop them from
> > interrupting them. Then they basically (accidentally) unleashed the true
> > magic upon the world which caused the Cataclysm.
> So previously you said with CAPS that it was without divine intervention
> and now you say there was such a thing after all. 

Eh? I said that mortals caused the Cataclysm w/o divine intervention,
meaning that gods did not cause it. Although I later decided to add an
option that maybe gods afterall did try to stop these wizards from doing
their experiments etc. Maybe gods decided not to involve in mortal
wizards' doings and then the Catalysm happened. Maybe the wanted to give
mortals what they deserved? I am not explaining here the exact FACTS in
Majik history, but instead I am creating the possible storyline and
reason for the Cataclysm since I can not just decide the reason etc. for
this terrible disaster just by myself.
If you are too blind to see that, maybe you should not comment my ideas
at all and leave me to decide what happened, although other designers
would still have their words to say.

> That great degree in the workings of magic is quite
> impossible for any mortal to gain, this has been decided earlier that only
> the ones built reality can really know perfectly how it works.

Yes, so it is NOW in the present time in Majik, but was it exactly the
same way BEFORE the Cataclysm? I think not. I think that Gods finally
realized that mortals became too powerful, too easily and too fast in
the art of magic. That is the reason why Gods took some power off from
the mortals and reason why they did not stop the Cataclysm from
happening was that Gods did not want to interact directly with mortals
and the world. That would have affected the balance too muhc and maybe
it would have lead to a war between the gods and that is something that
most of the gods did not want at all because that would have been even
more destructive to the world than this Cataclysm.

> Giver ANY level of greatness in "true magic" is inferior to any of the elder gods.

I did not say a word about elder gods in my earlier posts.

> If the world is otherwise doing fine, but there is a bunch of wimpy
> wizards that are destroying it, why the hell wont Dazzt kill them in a
> blink of an eye. 

As I noted, you are (acting) blind(ly). They were POWERFUL wizards, more
powerful than anyone of the existing wizards can even dream of. They
were like demigods in power, yet they still were mortals. I do not
understand why this is so difficult for you to understand that they were
much more than just mere mortals with poor magical skills. Some of the
wizards were liches, some were men, but they all possessed great powers.

> Nothing in the creation can stop Dazzt, execpt other
> elder gods. That is behind our agreed version of things also.

Dazzt did not fight these wizards.

> Also such a thing as releasing true magic to world and causing destruction
> is quite impossible because of the nature of magic. Magic is only an
> illusion there is no real magic, there is only manipulation of patterns
> that form reality. And this reality and these patterns are constantly
> maitained and kept intact by the gods, releasing a devastating power upon
> the world would only have INSTANT counter-effect to nullify all that it
> would do. Like a reflex, stick a hot iron into your ass all of a sudden
> and you will move more than 1 millimeter as a reflex. This would be the
> same exact effect, gods who maintain and uphold reality would see a hot
> iron coming and instantly as a reflex would nullify all that it would do.
> These kind of things CAN NOT happen without the blessing of those who made
> reality. And in our agreed version its just that what happened.

If this is the case, fuck my ides then. I will just shut up my mouth and
stick my ideas in the ass of some elven king so that they can be found
by some cruel PC who decides to search the king's rectum for some
unknown artifact.

> Elder gods can kill any being in existence by simply removing him from the
> creation, any powerful wizards are but maggots, they dont have what it
> takes to destroy the world if they have to fight against the gods.

Yes, but in my idea the Gods decided not to do that. Read above my poor
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