milestone plan proposal

Subject: milestone plan proposal
From: Tommi Leino (
Date: Mon May 31 1999 - 09:45:48 EEST

Whine about this and (designers only, for devs these are already quite selected
;>) then select the tasks you would like to participate and tell the design
about it. We should follow this quite strictly, so do not do anything else
big-projects until we have all the tasks done we need for the milestone
advancement. So do not say "I'm busy with economy system and can't do anything
else", because that is not something you should do now. Only those that are in
the current milestone's TODO. If you can't take any project from this, then
don't take but at least say it. I will try to assign new designers then to do
the tasks that anyone isn't taking or if nothing else works, the task is moved
to the next milestone.

This milestone plan is quite a KIUKKU, but if we want to see something someday,
we _CAN_ follow this if we want.

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project
Milestone Deadline   Features
M1        01-07-1999 CLIENT: - code made ready for open source
                             - initial object system using a real
                               object-class instead of series of kludges
			     - dummy player object
			     - initial movement system using which the
			       user can move the dummy player object,
			       see from its eyes or from semi-isometric
			       perspective. Movement system should look
			       for collisions and follow the landscape
			     - must be able compile for both Win32 and Linux,
			       without needing any additional libraries that
			       we used only because of a kludge
			     - solid installation base, the client should
			       move all images etc. to directory where they
			       belong and the format for data etc. files
			       should be decided
			     - rc-file parsing system
			     - scripts for building automatic daily snapshots
			       of both cvs source code and pre-compiled
			     - png-loader
		     DESIGN: - these chapters must be made ready from WorldBook:
		                 + The Planet and the Continents within
				 + The Regions of Majik in short
				 + Languages in the World
				 + World of names
				 + Myth of Creation
				 + The Gods (all described)
				 + Climate
				 + Flora
				 + Structure of the World
				 + Life and Death
M2        01-08-1999 CLIENT: - initial multiplayer system including of course
                               socket and protocol class made ready and
			       protocol to be decided
                             - support for the all level of detail levels,
			       including wireframe
			     - 3ds-loader
                     SERVER: - first version supporting initial multiplayer
		               system that allows two or more people using
			       their player objects to collide with each other
			       and talk
		     DESIGN: - these chapters must be made ready from WorldBook:
		                 + Currency and Trade
		                 + Theory of Magic and Spellcasting
				 + Myth of Creation
				 + Priests
				 + Races roaming the World (all described)
			     - initial 3ds-objects for players and trees
			     - most necessary textures must be ready, these
			       are for example texture for plains and road
M3        01-09-1999 CLIENT: - fix all the bugs encountered so far and make
                               the base solid
			     - initial system for creating objects as instructed
			       by the server
		     SERVER: - fix all the previously encountered bugs and
		               make the base solid
			     - initial support for creating house-objects for
			       the client, so we can have a hilltop's inn here
			       too :)
		     DESIGN: - finish and re-check all the previously assigned
		               WorldBook tasks
			     - advance to the next level of designing

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