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Subject: Re: region of focus
From: Ari Miettinen (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 12:41:48 EET

Yorkaturr and Namhas wrote:
>> I am pro this idea but would like to correct it to "No magic inside
>> starting locations".
>An stupid idea: if the thing that destroyed everything would be that the
>evil gods won some war and the darkness fell, resulting in cataclysm maybe
>the good gods would do a magical shelter around the starting locations
>that would make pkilling impossible inside the radius, but just for a
>while, until the game is less chaotic. The good gods would do that just
>in order to help their only people in the world to survive and begin their
>life in the new and chaotic world. It would also help to keep the players
>together in a small area, until the city is built and the guards are
>keeping the order.

Two points:
"No magic inside starting locations" - I would like to add:
"at the beginning of the game."

Who says Evil Gods won some war? But if they did, the Goodies (if they 
still had some power) would try to protect their own. This might in
fact be a good idea. At the beginning of the game, good gods protect
one population of good people. All players would belong to this
population (at the beginning) until we have finished creating the 
rest of the world. Evil might have some spies among the goodies
and players could begin playing for real.. uncovering these spies,
rebuilding the protected area and so on.

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