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Subject: Re: Cataclysm
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 23:37:36 EET

Mikkonen Jani wrote:
> As we can't place 1000+ NPCs around the world of Majik, and completely ready
> and detailed kingdoms would be boring to play in and very strenuous to produce,
> me and Harum came up with the following idea, which solves a number of problems,
> server load among them.
> When Majik opens up, the first players wake up (maybe few npc:s also
> in a few cities, in the middle of ruins. Stripes of dire, black smoke and
> the sparkling lights of dying fires can be seen here and there, the sky is
> red and black, maybe a few scorched stone buildings are still partially
> standing.
> The players remember nothing of what has happed, until they hear
> cries of desperation (sage): "Oh ye who waketh in destruction and
> mayhem! The world has come to an end today, and there's no hope to
> be seen in these cursed lands! Yet, it is our place to rise forth again,
> together, and discover that which was lost... (blahblah)". A sage
> starts telling what was before the cataclysm and suggests the players
> to search for signs of other living things, start to rebuild the city,
> find ancient writings that may have survived the Fire. Outside the
> cities there's a desolate, scorched scenery (Sol'Daran could be just
> a plain of tree stumps, maybe a few saplings every here and there to
> cheer things up a little), humanoid corpses lying here and there, some
> in grotesk poses due to unbearable pain, some hanging from the Gods'
> statues etc...
> This all means that there happened another cataclysm that changed the present
> world much. (first cataclysm was that where ancients disappeared) Sages' role
> at the beginning is important as I mentioned. There should be however animals
> and
> few npc:s so that the world wouldn't be too empty.
> - Brethel -

Time line of cataclysm.

I have made a history of the majik world. Is this now invalid or did all
this happen before the cataclysm? In the history I placed the present
date at 9025 with year 0 being the year that the rooms crashed. If this
is kept as the standard what year is it when the game starts? I suggest
that it only a few years after 9025 like 9050 or something.

We also need a cause of the cataclysm. Did the gods do it? was it a war?
Did some mad wizard unleash hell spawn through a magical gate? And why
can't people remember? 

I do like the idea of the cataclysm. The above are not critisisms of it
they are questions to clerify it.

Joshua 'hook' corning

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