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Subject: Re: Cataclysm
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 22:39:04 EET

Mikkonen Jani wrote:

> Yes, designers can continue their work but you don't have to concentrate too
> much on details. Cataclysm can do many things :) (I might draw map which is
> significantly different
> than the present map).

I think the cataclysm should be specific to humans and demi-humans.
Nature should be relatively unscathed. The reason why is if all the
natural resources are destroyed then how can the PCs rebuild the
civilizations. If all the forests of Sol'daren are ash then you can't
rebuild it. Also i think that making a barren husk of a world is two
climate specific. I like having clean streams, forests, jungles, as well
as frozen tundra and deserts. Having all deserts would suck. 

As to changes to the map. in terms of land masses and climate i feel
that not to many changes should occur. the Abhorrence forest in
althainon should still be there, The Azure lakes should still be there,
etc.. I do realize that you are already going to change the map for
aesthetic reasons before this whole debate started which is fine. But in
terms of a before cataclysm map and after cataclysm map that they should
be relatively the same with just the cities now marked as ruins.

P.S. When will the changes to maps be made available? This thing is one
of the keys to designing. Not just for descs but it is my understanding
that the developers need it to make a height map signifying altitude
within the 3d environment.

Joshua 'hook' corning

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