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Subject: Re: Cataclysm
From: Taneli Niko Tikka (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 16:03:07 EET

On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, Tommi Leino wrote:

> Animals and monsters (orcs, goblins etc.), I suggest. As I tried to point
> out in my "NPCs" mail, it just doesn't work if we're to have player-like
> NPCs that you couldn't know whether it is a PC or NPC. They must either
> have an unrealistic glow around them helping to distinguish or then they
> should belong to some other race, more stupid so you wouldn't need to
> except them to speak intelligently, only simple phrases that our AI code
> can do. We might however need to have some powerful figures in the world
> when the PCs come to wander around, but these could be controlled by the
> Sages, they could be just another PC characters roleplayed by the Sages
> as their secondary characters.
> Initially, we must select a few (in the beginning only one) starting
> locations where the players wake up, because it just wouldn't work if we
> just drop them randomly in the large world. Not too fun to have something
> like 10 players and no-one could meet another PCs until there is 1000 of
> them. When the population of a certain area is large enough, we make new
> starting locations. When Majik opens for public for real we can expect
> hundreds of players, so this shouldn't be a problem anymore after then.

yepo yepo, i can go with this cataclysm idea, sounds nice enough if we
make it right. Yep few starting locations over the world, alot of ruins
left, maybe a few half-dead cities, communities, monster groups, etc..
Enough old myths, artifacts and thigs lying around to keep the players
very very interested in adventure and rebuilding the world. After the game
opens we will have so quite alot of players.. this brings few good things,
but also a shitload of problems. We wont be having any normal people in
the world, every single jerk is an adventurer, which of most cant roleplay
one bit. I bet its going to be quite a chaos atleast in the beginning.. 
But eventually it might develop into a nice system


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