RE: Cataclysm

Subject: RE: Cataclysm
From: Otso Makinen (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 13:18:06 EET

> As we can't place 1000+ NPCs around the world of Majik, and
> completely ready
> and detailed kingdoms would be boring to play in and very
> strenuous to produce,
> me and Harum came up with the following idea, which solves a
> number of problems,
> server load among them.

It was Namhas who first introduced this idea, so credits belong to him. And
you can consider this as decided, resistance is futile :). And this doesn't
mean you should stop designing those areas and regions, all the places all
still in there (in tales and legends at least).

Otso Mäkinen / Majik 3D Project

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