[Fwd: An idea...(considering gods and their avatars)]

Subject: [Fwd: An idea...(considering gods and their avatars)]
From: Atte Koivula (yorkaturr@majik3d.org)
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 11:50:53 EET

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Atte Koivula wrote: > I came up with an idea when I was out smoking in the -10 temperature. > What > if the Gods couldn't physically enter the mortal dimension of Majik > without > being summoned by a mortal follower with some complex ritual? > > I think it would nicely restrict the amount of harm the Gods could do in > the world, and you all probably know the old cliché about a crazy > fanatic > priest calling a powerful evil spirit through some dimensional gate, and > the adventurers who are sent to stop the process before it's too late... > or > else the world will be destroyed etc (some examples of this are Elric, > and > the tv-show Xena, and the movie Conan the Destroyer). Also, it would > motivate the mortals to learn religious magic as they would have a > chance > to meet their God who would reward them for such allegiance. And if the > mortal follower of another God could then banish the God to the > spiritrealm > once again, it would encourage religious wars etc. I mean like, the > Archbishop of Evil calls me upon the world, then the priests of Dazzt > find out I'm present, by noticing some great disturbance in the Force > (:P), and run around trying to catch my mortal form and cast a powerful > Dispel Evil on me, and they would also send a group of great paladins to > rid the world of my priests so that they couldn't commit such crime > again. Meanwhile, the Evil Gods would send some undead/demon army to > attack all good temples on the world so that no-one could harm me etc. > And the God would be in the world for as long as he/she would get > banished temporarily. > > The Gods would still have their mundane avatars hidden in some (un)holy > places around the world, but they would be just very very tough NPCs > unless > the Gods' spirits would control them. Yes, this sounds very good indeed. First I thought that "What the hell? What happened to the Avatars?" but they were explained here, too. And those examples were very good indeed (I remember especially that summoning in Conan the Destroyer -movie and that really was great). But back to the point... I think that Avatars should not exists in the world as npc's ever, instead, these avatars would be these "summonable" creatures and avatars of really powerful gods (at least gods and greater gods) could enter the world by themselves in certain occasions (ie. maybe there is a great war going on and god of war, Harum, could then enter the world because the MIGHT/POWER/"FORCE" is so great in the world that it would work as a 'portal' for Harum and thus he could enter the world of mortals). Of course, this descending of an Avatar should be *very rare* unless especially summoned by a mortal through a religious ritual and if these rituals were disturbed (or otherwise failed) they could accidentally open a portal to another dimension possibly, maybe to a such dimension with horrible demons, for example. -- | ~ Sinister / Serpent of Nightside ~ | | <sinister.serpent@sci.fi> http://i.am/sinister.serpent/ | --o-- Nightside homepage: http://www.netti.fi/~halsa/ --o-- | Nightside e-mail: <nightside@hotmail.com> |

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