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Subject: Re: Stupid questions
From: Taneli Niko Tikka (
Date: Tue Nov 16 1999 - 15:53:36 EET

On Tue, 16 Nov 1999, Pekka Toppi wrote:

> Okay, it's time to ask some questions which have prob. been answered
> numerous times. First, what are moon elves and necrolytes? 

Ok, moon elves. They are an ancient race, first of the elven races. That
live in a "cloud city" or "moon city" or "dream city" or what ever in the
skies. The city isnt located in the primal plane of majik but in some
other dimensional space instead. Moon elves are quite alien, their
thoughts are hard to understand and their culture is very different.
Moon elves are all born with special powers that the world doesnt know
much about. Of course us (gods and sages) know that each moon elf is quite
able user of psionic powers, and they also posses several inherited
magical or spell-like abilities. One of their special traits is that
nothing suprises them. Nothing scares them either. If they see a 200-foot
huge dragon appear in a flash, all they do maybe is one eye blink. They
arent emotioneless or anything, but they just arent suprised by weird
things. Powerful auras, reputations, appearances.. all that kind of
sematic drifts dont matter to them. 

Moon elves cant be played in the beginning of the game, but a player can
later on reincarnate himself into this race or get to it by other means. 
Sages can be moon elves or have a moon elven form.


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