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Subject: new monster
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Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 05:45:42 EET

does this monster sound ok/useable for majik?

amphifur:a fur bearing geko


1. Introduction
A semi intelligent nocturnal creature usually found 
underground during daylight hours. A short creature 
1 meter tall when standing on its hind legs. It protects
its young and makes sound tunnels and capable of making
planned attacks.

2. Appearance
A geko like otter. Standing 1 meter tall on its hind leggs
It has a scaly underskin with fur extruding all over the 
surface. Two clawed front feet and webbed hind feet. Their
feet arent short like otters but are longer and are
quite agile. Head being the shape of a otters head and
tail being wider then thick but not as to be clumsy. 
But does produce a good warning sound when thumped on the 
ground. Eyes are best suited for nightly excursions being
somewhat large. Ears are short and stubby to reduce 
water drag but are excellent at hearing low sounds like
the tail thud.

3. Characteristics
A fierce hunting creature. They are carnivorous they hunt
down small game singular but may hunt big game(such as
hcr, and deer,etc. hcr = human controlled races) in hunting
parties. Once the prey is dead they bring it back to their
colonie and divided it up among themselves. They are 
amphibious this is the reason for their colonies being close
to water and even some of the tunnels extend out into water.
Thus the strongest weapon to use against them is fire.
Their excellent swimmers capable of breathing in and out of
water. Their hind feet being webbed for swimming
and front feet having claws for digging and for fighting.
4. Habitat
Their habitat is a praire like setting close to water.
They dig tunnels which conect caves also made by them.
Regular sized colonies can hold 20 families. Caves are
made away from the water and usually higher to protect 
from flooding. Tunnels connect the caves together and
go to the underwater entrance and the land entrance. 
The underwater entrance is guarded by 2 amphifur to protect 
from unwanted guest such as alligators, turtles, etc. 
the land entrance has 4 amphfur to protect from foxes, 
racoons, etc. the guards remain just inside the tunnels 
during daylight hours to protect their eyes.Guards alert
the colonie to danger with a good thump Guards 
change posts at morning and evening meals.
another idea is that when players select their race
that they get info on their selection like they download a text or pdf document with pictures etc
which gives info on their race, region

and info on the other regions they may explore animals and towns, etc. might be in a library some of the
info enter into the library by players or they could write books for these libraries. These libraries could 
be spread through out majik in various
towns like capitals. Or possibly a library for each race or more if players make more.

Check out
Majik 3D project

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