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Subject: Re: new monster
From: Atte Koivula (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 09:08:54 EET

> does this monster sound ok/useable for majik?
> ****************************************************************
> Name(Amphifur)
> amphifur:a fur bearing geko

Sounds ok, someone has to fix the typos and lexical errors though :P

> **************************************************************
> another idea is that when players select their race
> that they get info on their selection like they download a text or pdf
> document with pictures etc
> which gives info on their race, region

Nod, it may be easier for players to read offline documentation at
we can't expect them to find a library in their homeland if they know
nothing about it.
> and info on the other regions they may explore animals and towns, etc.
> might be in a library some of the
> info enter into the library by players or they could write books for
> these libraries. These libraries could
> be spread through out majik in various
> towns like capitals. Or possibly a library for each race or more if
> players make more.

There should, and will, be numerous libraries all over Majik as has been
considered before. They should not be limited artificially, like your 1
library per race, but there should be a small library of some sorts in,
about, every town. They should have books written by both the developers
of Majik and the players themselves. However, things that do not
directly relate to the actual gameplay, such as rules and control help,
should be viewable in the webpages instead of within the game world
without exception. Of course this is race-oriented, trolls and orcs are
not likely to appreciate literature in the same sense that humans and
elves, to whom it is characteristic to yearn for knowledge. Then there
are the Gwalmur (dwarves) that have such a secular community where every
member has well-defined tasks that they don't really NEED libraries,
they might even have a negative effect on people as information on
alternative lifestyles will probably diminish their strict fanaticism
toward a united goal ("Krobwu, bucral, e raugmaro!" = "King, honor and
axe!"). Of course there are dwarven scholars but they live secluded
within a secluded society, and the Men in Power (the aristocrats) will
keep it that way. In short, designers should use their common sense to
evulate the coherence between the existance of libraries and the
environment they are willing to place them into. Nothing uncoherent will
be approved, I'll see to it personally as my role of an organizing
developer if that's what it takes.

/Atte "Yorkaturr" Koivula <>

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