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From: joshua 'azlok corning (
Date: Fri Nov 05 1999 - 10:40:51 EET

Beregar wrote:

> -- Regions ---
> I'd like to see you everyone reporting me areas which you
> currently have under design or where you are planning to do
> some design or where you have already done some design -
> EVERYONE. No new areas can be chosen before this,
> this is best for all of us.

I have done the regions of Althainon and Torell. I have done the
Althainion and Tore'e races.

I am working on the regions of Djasim, Nalor Thaan, and Areon. In the
Nalor Thaan desc there are descriptions of Thjarr and Tulmarun. The
races found in these regions are as follows in Nalor Thaan - Hilosyph,
Bronn, Fik'Bronn in Djasim - Djasimites in Areon - Areons (or until i
come up with a better name) It should also be noted that the Tore'e of
torell originate in sub-region Delgrain region Thalamon on the continent
of Minartan. Presumably their desendents of their ancestors still live
there or at least a good explination of what happened to them is needed.
also the races of areons, djasimites and althainions are very closely
related. All the races described above are human.

Other - i am working on a fauna monster desc of goblins and a human and
demi-human history line. i also did a document on metric conversion. I
have made a map of areon and it includes some cities of Thasia. I will
probibly claim this land in the future if no one takes it. Im also
editing work done by you beregar on the Brahjan. I also offered to help
aluna with her descs of Esrtean and Vram islands but these i have put on
the back burner until i at least get the nalor thaan and djasim descs

Joshua 'hook' corning

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