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You might want to lenthen some of the entrees in this region desc. Also
in the 1. description you should put its location (it doesn't even say
what continent it is on). You might also want to put some of the things
you have under the city/landmark section under geography like cove peak
or batling mount. City/landmark section is reserved for man made type
structures like castles or runes like stone henge kind of stuff. This is
not to say that men had to make it gods or ancients could of but if it
has walls or looks remotly man made put it under city/landarks if not
put it under geography.

Joshua 'azlok' corning

> Heres what ive got on this region so far
> 1. Description
> 2. Climate
> 3. Flora
> -3.1 Trees
> -3.2 Bushes
> -3.3 Plants
> -3.4 Cave Flora
> 4. Fauna
> -4.1 Flying
> -4.2 Ground
> -4.3 Water
> 5. History
> 6. Geography
> 7. Cities/Landmarks
> -7.1 Cove Castle
> -7.2 Cove Peak
> -7.3 Red Peak
> -7.4 Batling Mount
> -7.5 Cove Cliffs
> 1. Description
> These moutains have a variety of wildlife and a few mysterious creatures. As
> well it said that some of the moutains have caves. There is also rumored to
> be a ancient castle here. There is a range of flora here.
> 2. Climate
> It has a 4 year season, winter being the longest and getting quite cold in
> the high peaks. It has a coolish summer, and a short spring and fall. Fall
> often has snow. And spring usually has a few freezes. Fall brings a nice hue
> to the maple trees.
> 3. Flora
> 3.1 Trees
> Giant sequioyas, redwood, Maples, Giant sequioyas are a tree that is
> extremely large some are big enough to say ride 3 horses side by side
> through also so may be bigger. Redwood it gets its name from its dark redish
> scale like bark. Maples a tree with fairly large leaves which turn from gold
> to red in the fall. Also some contain a sweet surupe.
> 3.2 Bushes
> Brambles, raspberry bushes, Brambles a thorny like climing plant which can
> grow in to almost impenitrable walls. Raspberry bush a bush with thorns but
> is known for its delectiable fruit the raspberry.
> 3.3 Plants
> Poppies, wildflowers, and the cove flower, Squirrel Fern, Glacial Fern,
> Squirrel Fern is called this because of its branch leaves, that are shaped
> like sqirrel tailes. Glacial Fern is a beautiful fern having frosty white
> leaves all year around. Poppies a beautiful flower with bright orange
> blossoms. Wildflowers ranging from blue to pink blossoms.
> 3.4 Cave Flora
> Hydro fungus, liches, mushrooms, Hydro fungus is a carnivorus fungus. It
> shoots a stinging stream of bacteria water at its prey. Then when it feels
> it is able to it covers it prey with a slime like stomach also which it
> sprays on the prey. Liches a whitish glow moss that is on the floor and
> walls of the cave. It is a very slippery surface one can slip on. Their is a
> variety of mushrooms here some used in medicines and some to eat and some
> that are poisonous.
> 4. Fauna
> 4.1 Flying
> bats, bluejays, Bats are from fox bats to blood thirsty bats. Of which
> different varieties live in these caves. The bluejays are found spread
> through out the forest. They have a tendency to have a annoying voice.
> 4.2 Ground
> bears,Dez deer, cougars, racoons, chipmunk,batlings, Cave Crawler, The bears
> here are brownish black unable to clim trees but are swift and big thus a
> formitable foe. Dez deer chech out Skyghaim for more info on them. Cougars a
> big cat that is swift and cunning with great strength its claw being able to
> break a arm. Racoons a curious creature that is usually nocturnal it can be
> trapped with a shinny piece of metal in a cage. Chipmunk a small squirrel
> like rodent with black and white stripe down its back but with brown fur.
> Batlings (not described yet i think)
> 4.3 Water
> Cichtrout, crawdads, clams, moon glow fish, Cichtrout check out the Skyghaim
> region for info on this. A few coldwater crawdads live here some try to snip
> adventures that may enter their waters almost as if to eat them. The clams
> are a delicous food for adventures that find them. But be careful with them
> for they may try latch on to your finger as if it where their own. Moon glow
> fish are located in the many cave pools of this region. They glow like the
> full moon at night.
> 5. History
> This region was once home to ancients. What is left of their settelment is
> the Castle called Cove Castle. It is a ancient castle that still maybe has
> sages, and/or ancients living there still. But this castle is well protect
> by artifacts and a bramble patch. That at present time only the sages,
> ancients and gods know how to enter safely.
> 6. Geography
> This region is mostly moutains with some of the moutains brushed up against
> a swamp. Also some of the moutains extend into the ocean. Their is as well
> caves in these moutains.
> 7. Cities/Landmarks
> Cove Castle is hidden in Cove peak somewhere.
> 7.1 Cove Castle
> There is rumor of a castle hidden up in the moutains. It is as well rumored
> to have been built by the ancients. It is a structure of maginificent size.
> But what is amazing is how it is so well hidden. It is surrounded by a wall
> of brambles and thistles. Inside the wall there is a beautiful garden which
> is full of raspberry bushes. The garden and castle almost seem taken care of
> but you dont notice anything that looks like anyone has been here.
> 7.2 Cove Peak
> Cove peak the center most moutain also the tallest in this region. Cove
> Falls a rather large fall which trickles in late fall but gushes water in
> late spring its located on the east side of Cove peaks. Sequoia Forest near
> the base of Cove peak on the east side.
> 7.3 Red Peak
> Twin falls these falls are located north east of Cove peak in the moutain
> called Red Peak. The Redwood forest is located around Red Peak.
> 7.4 Batling Mount
> Batling Mount is the moutain south east of Cove Peak by few adventures
> coming through have said of a bat like creature walking upon its hind legs.
> This moutain is full of cave like catacombs which house numerous bats and
> different creatures and a variety of fungus and a few cave pools which house
> a few fish.
> 7.5 Cove Cliffs
> Cove Cliffs go out into the ocean one must be careful not to get boats to
> close to these cliffs or else ye surely be dashed upon the rocks their
> located south east of Cove peak.
> Where they reach out into the water they have sharp rocks and breakers these
> to combined are dangerous to any boat that gets to close.
> (Eleril)

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