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Subject: Re: magic and magical arts
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Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 17:38:39 EEST


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> Taneli Tikka wrote:
> > It doesnt need upkeep. A mage who did that spell just manipulated
> > so that it powers itself. This doesnt drain the energy reality is made
> > instead the mage can have simply cast a spell that changes all light to
> > dark, just converts one form of reality into another. That way the spell
> > gets power automatically.
> Then remember, if one spell doesn't need upkeep, other shouldn't
> either. Do we want this? There's no way to limit how many spells
> one spellcaster can have at same time. I fear this eventually leads
> to a situation where master mages cast spells that wipe out cities
> and races with "overland" meteor storms when they same time use
> powerful enchantments to protect them from harm and and spells
> to cause havoc among those who try to defeat them...
> - Beregar Dar'Eldath (
I do like the possiblity of eternal night but it should be hard for you to
cover the whole or even half. but much easier to have eternal night
whereever the caster was.

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