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Subject: [Fwd: status report]
From: Tommi Leino (namhas@majik.netti.fi)
Date: Mon May 24 1999 - 11:22:32 EEST

Last week's status report.

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project
namhas@majik.netti.fi http://majik.netti.fi

attached mail follows:

Harum doesn't like to send status report, he sent only a one report since I forced him to send and it was something like this: "I did this and that.", and not quite anything more. He has however really coded the client and we can all thank him for it. I coded the client too, today. I added sockets, GPLed source code and made automatic binaries of the client available for download! Then there is Yorkaturr, who really haven't done _anything_ past 3 weeks, he still have one week to send even one status report saying that he has done something, he will never do anything or that he is busy with something else, for example rl or exp-making in BatMUD. Beregar did again few monster races, but hasn't have chance to send a status report, yet, so they will appear in next status report. Doughnut and Warc had done their project a little, like they have designed history and society, but they will need Belemar's intervention when discussing about the details. Belemar then lost his project "Majik t-shirts", because he had not sent a status report for 4 weeks which is a whole month! Now, if he don't give me a tell, send a status report or anything similar I will remove he from the active designers list, so we don't then bother him with whines that he should do something. He, Shinael and others removed from active designers list can get back just by sending a status report with some reason of their absence and some proof that they have got some time to spend on this project. Jormap send me trolls that are still a little bit under construction and promised that the trolls will be ready yesterday. Glabrezu hadn't do nothing. We have now 7 days time before opening the source and only one whole day before cave convention. -- Tommi Leino / University of Helsinki, Physics Department Tommi.Leino@helsinki.fi http://majik.netti.fi majik4-development: dazzt (army) harum Majik 3D client namhas Coordination yorkaturr Majik 3D client (no progress 3x) majik4-graphics: seyvern (ready to do whatever that is not 3D graphics) jah (ready to do 3D models and other graphics) zull (ready to do 2D art if requested) majik4-design: belemar Majik t-shirts (no progress 3x) beregar region: Desert of Ghalimcar (no progress 1x) darshan (army) doughnut region: Meralin-Terennir-Nemen federation (no progress 1x) glabrezu - jormap pc race: Trolls (no progress 1x) malekith (busy with rl) sinister (busy with rl) warc region: Meralin-Terennir-Nemen federation (no progress 1x) Worldbook's TODO (* done, + assigned, - unassigned) * TOC (Glabrezu) The Wonderful Realm of Majik: - The Planet and the Continents within - Timeline of the History Races roaming the World: - Humans - Elves - Orcs + Trolls (Jormap) - Dwarves Majik: - The Regions of Majik in short - Flow of the Time - World of names - Languages in the World - Currency and Trade The Regions and the World: + Desert of Ghalimcar (Beregar) + Meralin-Terennir-Nemen federation (Warc, Doughnut) - Add more... Religion: - Myth of Creation - The Gods - Add more... - Priests Magic: - Theory of Magic and Spellcasting - Spellcasters Ecology: - Climate - Creatures * Osthelian Pixies (Beregar) * Giant Scorpion (Beregar) * Banto (Beregar) * Blood Bat (Beregar) * Desert Cat (Beregar) * Ghazai Desert Snake (Beregar) * Hadarah Shasta (Beregar) - Add more... - Flora Philosophy: - Structure of the World - Life and Death If there is something that is already done, please send it to me. If you see that there is something that should be added to the TOC, please tell about it.

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