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Subject: Re: magic and magical arts
From: joshua 'azlok corning (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 15:13:22 EEST

Kim Kunnas wrote:

> This also leads to suggestion where power of mortal mages grows same
> way as power of gods when mortal mages drain power to their own
> essence. So in theory a mage who has spent time draining power has
> more sp (same as dp in this case) to spend in his/her spell. There
> should be limit for this or mortals could eventually get as powerful
> as the Gods. 
	Why do you want to limit potential of mortals. If they get that
powerful then just make them a god presumably by that time they have
played the game awhile and can be told the importance of game balance if
it doesn't take then the gods kill him. Of couse he would have been
killed long before he ever gets that powerful. 

> Continual spells can be either made so that they use
> this power and constantly drain power from a mage until he/she no
> longer has sp or they can be made to drain it from the free magic
> in some area. In both cases sources eventually run out of magic
> (= sp).

	What about magical items or places. Like ancient +5 vorpal wepons and
shit. They should never drain. As i understand Mandor magic is not free
or around or a form of energy or matter "it is the act of changing the
universe" I don't see why someone can't change the universe permently.
At least localy and with relativly small effects. Like a continual light
spell or a stone golem gardian or a floating island or a constant
rainbow or a magic television or a ring of invisability. I think you are
taking this description of magic to the point of actualy hurting game
play. By making the effects of magic time dependant some of the coolist
things in a fanticy world can't exist.

Joshua 'Azlok' Corning

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