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Subject: Re: region
From: joshua 'azlok corning (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 14:40:07 EEST

Jari Saukkonen wrote:

> There will be no secrets. This list is a common discussion list for all
> developers. If we start keeping things secret from eachother it becomes more
> and more harder to keep up with the world. For us coders it means that this
> list is roughly the only way (apart from majik3/rl figh^H^H^H^Hdiscussions)
> to keep up with the world design. So please, if you design something, post
> it here.
> "Denying knowledge from your God is proven to be very fatal" ;)

Actually I agree with you on this one, and i have been posting
everything i have written aside from incomplete stuff like work ive done
on goblins or recent work on Nalor Thaan. Beregar appears to be the only
one who has fears of players reading the mail thread. I was just
extending the option to Eleril even though i should have stated my
wishes that he doesn't keep it secret. If someone does REALLY wants to
keep stuff off the design list then they should create a mail list with
ALL the designers and developers on it then e-mail it. I would really
like to know what beregar has been working on and have repeatedly
requested info on it without response.

Joshua 'Azlok' Corning

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