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Subject: Re: magic and magical arts
From: joshua 'azlok corning (
Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 14:27:34 EEST

Ari Miettinen wrote:

> things.) I don't see much sense in this because in the end, there is no good
> or evil. (Example: Paladin slays an orc. Paladin may think it is good act,
> the orc definitely thinks it as evil act.) Therefore it only leaves

I agree with evil and good being a relitive thing. The whole idea of
evil and good sounds to christian to me. Especialy the concept of
absolute good and evil. I mean i don't realy see harum or yorka or even
sinister as evil gods just gods of War, death, and darkness, which can
be evil but can be good depending on your point of view. I mean the
death  of your enemies during a war in which you used the cover of
darkness to sneak attack them is not evil to you it is good.

Anyway i sure hope we don't use alignments in this game. That would
suck. Besides i cant think of one ancient mythology with an evil god in
it besides christian. Norse had Loki but he was more god of mischif.
Hades in greek isn't really evil but just guards the underworld. Even
satan in hebrew myths is more a god of mischief then evil. Read Job in
the old testimate. He actualy comes to heaven and makes a bet with god.

Joshua 'Azlok' Corning

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