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Subject: Re: Old gods, new gods, ancients, structure of reality.
From: joshua 'hook' corning (
Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 22:39:16 EEST

Taneli Tikka wrote:

> Just like in quantum physics playing with very small parts of the
> universe.. also majik universe has these small parts, but everything is
> finally build from the same thing, from the stuff that forms reality.
> Lets call that thing a prime particle or PP in this mail. these prime
> particles form patterns, and petterns form things and whole systems.
> Patterns like time, matter, energy, mind, spirit, space, everything are
> constructed from prime particles.Like a mind of a person forexample.. its
> a complex thing of creation.. formed from a complex pattern - that is a
> vast group of PPs creating the pattern of mind. These PPs are the same
> thing as the essence of magic or magical-essence, building blocks of
> reality. Just like everything inside a computer is made of 1s and 0s
> binary logic, boolean algebra. bits 1s and 0s form bytes, bytes form
> letters, letters form functions, functions form objects, objects from
> programs etc.. Majik universe is constructed the same way, the smallest
> building block is this prime particle, or magical-essence.. that creates
> patterns of life, time, matter, energy, space, mind, spirit.. etc.. that
> together form wholes.
> When you cast a spell, when you do magic - you really manipulate or
> control the prime particles creating the whole reality. Thou only rare
> mages are able to work in this meta-physical level manipulating SINGLE PPs
> instead of that the manipulation of patterns (that are constructed from
> PPs) is much more usual. Like a mind spell that read a persons mind:
> basicly what it does is that it opens the targets pattern of mind for the
> caster to see, or connects the casters mind to the targets (where he is
> then able to read memories etc).. Do note that not only magic is
> constructed this way but _EVERYTHING_ within the creation (world of majik)
> is. Psionic powers and spell-like abilities, anything, follow the same
> basic rules. They just do the manipulation of energy feed in various
> different ways.

I see magic more as the language in which the gods wrote the universe.
This is like Einstiens quote "mathimatics is the language in which god
wrote the universe" matter and energy would be the same as our universe
but magic would be the prime mathimatics that the gods used to create
it. Mortal magic would be a basterdized form of this language; the magic
language. Magic is a system through which time matter and energy flow.
The same way in our universe but physics is the system through which
time matter and energy flow. I guess a good example is the human body.
although the human body does consist of matter and energy this energy
and matter is not what makes a person a person. You can take the same
particals and energy and put it in a vat mix it together but no human
comes out of it. What makes up a human body is not matter and energy but
the system through which that matter and energy flow. the system is
coded on the serface you have dna which determins how that system will
minipulate the matter and energy that consists of the human body at a
given time. through out a humans life most if not all the matter and
energy that make up that person will be different from what he/she is
born with then what makes up there body upon their death. even deeper
then biology and dna there is the system of physics which determins how
energy and matter fuction. What the gods did when they created the
universe is create a system of majik through which the chaos energy
flowed. When a human uses magic what he is doing is rewriting this
system but only localy and with finite results. The pc's form of magic
is not as complete as the the gods. While the gods form has all the
descriptions of that system the human magic form lacks precise
description of that system and therfore does not have that much power.
This is like human earth physics becouse we do not have a precise
desciption of how the universe works. The grand unified theory has not
been written yet. But in majik the gods are the ones who wrote it in the
language of magic. I don't know if this just clarifying mandors
description of magic or completely changing it. His magic system seems
to bounce back and forth on the nature of magic. i.e. is magic matter
and energy or is it a system or is it both? Anyway I just had to put
that out there. Unless everyone suddenly sees this as the better system
which probably won't happen and I have lost any intrest on the subject
we will probably stick with mandors prime partical thing.

Joshua 'Azlok' Corning

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