magic and magical arts

Subject: magic and magical arts
From: Beregar (
Date: Tue Oct 12 1999 - 19:13:19 EEST

"Jonathan Koehn (Eleril)" wrote:

> cool now all we need to figure out now that we got a basis for magic is
> there different forms,
> and how they go together

Magic is pretty much figured already, it is based on combining symbols
which (imho) were made by elder gods to control magic. That's why
symbolic magic is so powerful, it alterss the force (magic) that is behind
everything. So in theory a mage could destroy whole Majik, but only
in theory, for as I said in my previous mail, mortals can never truly
understand, or form, true symbols and they never can back up enough
power to cause the change.

Actually God magic is same symbolic magic as what mortals use, but
Gods know how to form true symbols which enhances their spells
greatly for they don't have to use words, gestures or components to
make their spells. Also mortals usually drain power to their spells from
components or surrounding nature and even if they use their own
essence as a source they never can give their spells as much power
as the Gods can. Gods on the other hand use their own essence as
source of the spells so divine points actually descripe amount of
essence which a God can spend to his or her spell.

I got a sidetracks but in general: There are three ways to cast a spell:
gestures, words and component. Each symbol can be "imitated" by
these three ways. There are also multiple versions of a one symbol
(for example two different creation symbols). So, symbols are
divided into a groups and symbols of these different groups can't be
mixed. Not all groups have all symbols.

Mandor, Yorkaturr or Malekith can probably explain these things
more better...

- Beregar Dar'Eldath (

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