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> On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Beregar wrote:
> > Of course some of the Ancients probably died in battle, but others left
> > for some reason or another.
> >
> > to make things more clear:
> >
> > - The Ancients = God like spirits who became flesh (power = lesser God)
> >                            both before and after battle since they
didn't get power
> >                            from other spirits.
> > - New Gods    = God like spirits who started a battle between them and
> >                           the Elder Gods, they also remained in heavens
and kept
> >                           growing in power (power = lesser God - God.
> > - Ancients/Ancient beings  = New Gods, the Ancients, the Elder Gods,
> >                           ancient creatures (dragons).
> Whats the idea behind making ancients born after the creation so poweful,
> only lesser gods and gods, no demigods? and all their power is supposed to
> come from variety of spirits? theyll need a huge pile of them then :)..
> The whole spirit idea sounds a bit like the creatus would be without their
> own will - or that they would lack any real soul and just be a collection,
> a whirlwind of weak souls.. without any deeper essence.

Say if they where made of spirits. They(The Ancients(sages) ) would start
out as a child not knowing anything much but some about their 4 basic
spirits 2 good 2 evil.
2 creature spirits and 2 plant the plant being magical nodes for them, and
the creature spirits being one of a legendary beast, and the other of ? .
And the 3rd spirit would be molded out of pure magic. It would be the
catalist for learning more. Also in it contained the thirst for more magic
to increase its being. Thus they searched for magic and after such a long
time they knew a variety of magic by the time the new races where formed. :)
just some ideas =)

And arent atleast
> older gods supposed to be vastly powerful souls with very personal
> perspectives and ambitions..
> just that a god made up of near-mindless plant spirits isnt that appealing
> :)..  why wont we go for something more creative than just addind weak
> souls to own collectives.
> This brings us back to magic - if magic builds the world - then the
> building block of reality is magic. Everything - EVERYTHING in existence
> is created from particles of magical essence. magic isnt something
> unnatural - magic is the foundation of natural - everything.
> instead of collecting weak spirits the ancients could have drained the
> very pieces his opponent was made of - and re-molded his own reality into
> more powerful frames.
> other option would be absorbin the essence of life from them - but life,
> or patters of life are just built up from the same stuff - magical
> essence. it builds up everything, living and dead, all the energies, all
> the things that cannot be seen or explained.
> And magic only is something namhas and the gods made up as they created
> the world. they found the ultimate base building block the magical essence
> of everything - and then constructed the whole creation from that same
> stuff.. molding it to other patterns and colorful forms. Also spirits
> would have spirit-patterns made of magical-base-essence.. but true born
> gods or those fully transformed into deities (ie. all regonized gods)
> would be build from not magical essence but some ethereal-eternal essence
> out-of-this-world.. that is the case for their true form, not for their
> incarnations which of course are made up like the world is create - based
> on patterns of magical essence, forming matter, flesh, energies, life,
> mind and spirit.. yes EVEN time.
> -m

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