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Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 20:18:26 EEST

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> Jonathan Koehn wrote:
> > The most of the ancients died from a great war. It started when 2
> > started fighting one died and the one that lived noticed that it split
> > spirits up in the dead one and that he absorbed most of the spirits thus
> > became more intelligent.
> > Only a few sages remained after the war. some remained because they
> > not to fight and some fought and grew stronger (possibly this could be
how a
> > few became gods.)
> Ancients who became flesh did not battle, it would be foolish from them to
> do so since they had too much to lose (Like their physical form).
k makes sense =)
k now how did most of the ancients die ? (a spirit sickness. and only way a
few survived was when they where blessed which turned them into sages? some
ideas :)
New Gods
> (= ancients who remained in heavens) were those who battled. What comes
> to the intelligent of the Ancients and New Gods, it is obvious that at
least the
> ancients were intelligent for they built those great cities before God
> Sages are ancients who decided to watch after new races.
> Of course some of the Ancients probably died in battle, but others left
> for some reason or another.
> to make things more clear:
> - The Ancients = God like spirits who became flesh (power = lesser God)
>                            both before and after battle since they didn't
get power
>                            from other spirits.
> - New Gods    = God like spirits who started a battle between them and
>                           the Elder Gods, they also remained in heavens
and kept
>                           growing in power (power = lesser God - God.
> - Ancients/Ancient beings  = New Gods, the Ancients, the Elder Gods,
>                           ancient creatures (dragons).
> - Beregar Dar'Eldath (

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