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Date: Mon Oct 11 1999 - 18:21:13 EEST

Jonathan Koehn wrote:

> The most of the ancients died from a great war. It started when 2 ancients
> started fighting one died and the one that lived noticed that it split the
> spirits up in the dead one and that he absorbed most of the spirits thus he
> became more intelligent.
> Only a few sages remained after the war. some remained because they chose
> not to fight and some fought and grew stronger (possibly this could be how a
> few became gods.)

Ancients who became flesh did not battle, it would be foolish from them to
do so since they had too much to lose (Like their physical form). New Gods
(= ancients who remained in heavens) were those who battled. What comes
to the intelligent of the Ancients and New Gods, it is obvious that at least the
ancients were intelligent for they built those great cities before God wars.
Sages are ancients who decided to watch after new races.

Of course some of the Ancients probably died in battle, but others left
for some reason or another.

to make things more clear:

- The Ancients = God like spirits who became flesh (power = lesser God)
                           both before and after battle since they didn't get power
                           from other spirits.
- New Gods    = God like spirits who started a battle between them and
                          the Elder Gods, they also remained in heavens and kept
                          growing in power (power = lesser God - God.
- Ancients/Ancient beings  = New Gods, the Ancients, the Elder Gods,
                          ancient creatures (dragons).

- Beregar Dar'Eldath (

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