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> Jonathan Koehn wrote:
> > This is excellent it gives me a good idea of how it all is.
> > Over time will some of the fauna in the various regions be added to
> > creatures or are they concidered unique to the region.
> > Since it was told us that all none god designers, coders, graphic artist
> > where to be sages.
> > which was a nice piece of information. I was wondering if we where going
> > be put in as a non-player race or would we be left out as to be more
> > mysterious.
> >
> You mean will sages be a npc race? Might be, but there should be
> only individuals left in the normal world. Also, the remnants of their
> cities, monuments etc should be scattered around the world in well
> hidden and well guarded places. These cities could have strong
> magical symbols and artifacts.
> We still should decide why they dissapeared. Maybe they fought with
> eachother, returned to their spirit form, leaved "beyond the Rim" (ie to
> some other dimension ;) or maybe they were destroyed in the "God
> wars". Perhaps we could use all of those. I mean, for example moon
> elves sound very much like these Ancients and they reside in another
> dimension...
> According to Hook,  the Ancients are "Greater spirits" which were
> born when conscious beings died and their spirits melded together.
> Furthermore some of these spirits became flesh and they were the
> Ancients in mortal legends and those who remained in the spirit form
> were the New Gods. There is one thing that bothers me - those
> Ancient were formed from the animal (and plant?) spirits, they can't
> be very intelligent unless we had very intelligent animals (those spirits
> may have a lot of "processing" power together but they are probably
> very animalistic).
a pure magic spirit could be where their intelligence came from.
> Where do we get wisdom to these Ancients? Also, were there enough
> these spirits for them to build cities? There should be a few cities of
> Ancient where 100-1000(?) Ancients lived.
> It also remains question for me what was the original purpose of plants
> and animals and the world itself? Is it place where the Gods made their
> expiriments? It is obvious that the "species of man" were created
> because the Elder Gods feared they would lose their fight with the new
> Gods, but did the Elder Gods have also earlier intent to create them or
> were they create only because otherwise the Elder Gods would have
> lost battle wihtout them?
> I guess that when these "species of man" started to die and their spirits
> were absorbed to the New Gods, these started to became more wise
> and intelligent. Probably in this stage most of the Ancients were already
> destroyed and only most powerful New Gods and ancient races were
> left.
The most of the ancients died from a great war. It started when 2 ancients
started fighting one died and the one that lived noticed that it split the
spirits up in the dead one and that he absorbed most of the spirits thus he
became more intelligent.
Only a few sages remained after the war. some remained because they chose
not to fight and some fought and grew stronger (possibly this could be how a
few became gods.)

 Still remaining ancients (races) might have returned to their spirit
> form and eventually achieve status of a lesser God (Protector, Darshan
> etc) and those who were spirits remained as the New Gods (Shinael,
> Ocean god etc?).
> Hopefully this mails is readable :)
> - Beregar (

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