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Subject: Re: The God Mandor
From: Taneli Tikka (
Date: Sat Oct 09 1999 - 13:03:06 EEST

> reread the creation myth the only god that existed before the world was
> Namhas. after the world was created Namhas then created sinister and
> Aluna. If people want to change the creation myth now would be the time.
> Otherwise i think the creation myth that is already up should be the key
> document and should be followed to the letter as the origian of all
> other myths.

.. to continue my other message.

The thing with us 'old gods' is that some things like spheres of influence
and powerlevels were agreed on a long time ago. Some of the
power-relations of the gods, like who was first etc.. follow the timeline 
the person joined the design team / became a god. 

and the idea with gods of course is that power is divined.. like this for
example :

namhas (everything) -> aluna (all goodness) -> dazzt (healing,life) ->
lesser god XXX-baboon :) (healing and purification with herbs and nature)
-> demigod XXX-baboon2 :) (demigod of layhealers)

That could ne one example of 'powerpath' down from the great namhas and
aluna to the demigod with smallest sphere.

Greater gods are _very_ powerful, and gods have powerful wide spheres of
influence. Lesser gods then have good influence over more narrow sphere,
and demigods only have 1 narrow sphere. Like one race, one belief, one
feeling, etc.. Like demigod of intolerance :).. demigod of sadism. 
demigod of sea-animals, demigod of birds.. etc.. while Shinael on the
other hand is the god of nature (much more wider sphere)..

- m

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