timeline & magic questions

Subject: timeline & magic questions
From: Beregar (beregar@majik3d.org)
Date: Fri Oct 08 1999 - 21:30:12 EEST

-- about timeline --

So, what's the timeline. Will we use Hooks creation suggestion?
I'd like to know these so I have something concrete where to
build my race histories.

-- about magic --

What is role of the magic again? We are getting veery many races
which use magic, is their magic religious or based on symbolic
magic. It must be either of those unless it's some sort of innate

How magic works? We agreed that non-religious magic uses
symbols, but what affects to the spellcasting itself? Will spells
consume sp? If they do, what's sp (stats or something else)?
Does it regenerate? If it does, how it regenerates? Will spells
have affecting stats, if they have will there be spells which are
dependant on multiple stats?

Spells are formed by combining symbols. These symbols have
each three different manifestations: somatic, verbal and compo
nent. Can these manifestations compined when spell is cast?
Will caster automatically know all manifestations when he
knows the symbol?

Since symbolic magic is difficult to learn and very powerful,
only scholars or other who are willing to spend years learning
new symbols should posses them and closely guard their
knowledge from other. However, I get feeling that current
races are very magic emphasized which is not good if symbol
magic was supposed to be rare. Should this be changed?

You all should ask more questions and also answer to these
questions, so we can now finally get working, and lasting,
base for our magic system.

If this mail is in disorder, blame Netscape...

- Beregar (Beregar@majik3d.org)

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