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Subject: Re: Goblins 0.1 Genus desc
From: Kim Kunnas (
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 11:53:36 EEST

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, joshua 'hook' corning wrote:

> So chimps and deer and trees and bacteria evolved from the ancients or
> were created by them? This kind of destroys the creation myth doesn't
> it? Also what is the time line of all this?

Actually it does not. My opinion is that why would any god spend time
to create stupid animals (except felines which, as we all know, are 
lovely!). I'd rather see that original meaning of majik world was to
act as target of magical expiriments. I mean ancient races were not 
dependant on normal natural things: they didn't need food, were 
immortals etc which made them believe to be lesser gods themselves.

These ancients imitated real gods and actually created every lesser
beings, plants etc. I'd rather see that everything that gods created
was originally meant for temporar. That would suit better for their
nature if gods are those "who plaque mankind with suffering" type
gods (as Harum suggested). So, I consider that the Gods may rather
spend their time toying with mortals, it would make everything more
realistic for otherwise they are again just idle Gods. 
> 	What i am trying to design with goblins is basicaly a species that is
> more animal then intellegent being. What i mean by original inhabitance
> is like other wildlife that existed before the two rooms collided. Thier
> intellegence is somewhere between chimp and neanderthal. They don't have
> cloths, buildings, writing, religion. They probably can make fire and
> craft simple tools but that is it.

I don't see why animals, plants or "ecosystem" needs to exist before
these ancients. My suggestions has more space for failures and such
which all powerful gods probably would not make, but which wannabe
gods = ancients, would make.

- Beregar Dar'Eldath (

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