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Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 14:17:29 EEST

Incisor wrote:
>         I just found out that without a proper map of the world and the peoples
> within,
> it is very hard for me to complete this task. ( I mean if there are
> ~relative languages as are
> swedish and norwegian IRL) Could someone please support me with one? Or a
> good list
> of "confirmed" races will do as good also.


And map is here:

There should be a common language for races they have some relation. For
example, Humans, Elves and Dwarves might trade stuff with each other so
they need to have a trade language or just a common language that would
be Sartog and most of their people could then know how to speak Sartog. 
Then exception are the races Orcs and Trolls which might not have anything
to do with the others, they might however, have a common language by
themselves. Then all those races must have a language they spoke before
they find that there is other races roaming the world, it can be almost
forgotten language or it can be fully in use. The races even might prefer
to use their own language and not to learn or talk at all any common
languages. There is no yet a list of all tribes of those races and thus
we don't need to care about them at the time. They are mostly region
specific and they will be made when a region is made. A good example is
the desert of Ghalimcar and its tribes. They will speak the common
language among their race or then some dialect that is suitable for
their surroundings. For tribes it is more likely that they have an ancient
and forgotten language they spoke before they met other humans who then
teached a common language of humans to them.

Just try to develop few languages by watching the map and the list
of races. A human race might have more than one common language among
their kind and you can do that without knowing the tribes just by looking
at the map and deciding that humans might speak different language on
different continents and in parts that is far away from other human
societies. No many humans visit the humans living in the glacier and
thus the humans there might speak a language or dialect of their own.

Dwarves then might also speak a language of underground people, there
might be other races than just dwarves living there, that is same for
"dark elves" if we are going to have such a race. And so on :)

Tommi Leino / Majik 3D project

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