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From: joshua 'akix' corning (
Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 00:19:30 EEST

Beregar wrote:

> Bah, perhaps they are but i think it's too used cliche (dwarves hate magic
> except creation of magical items). Besides, they currently have their earth
> elementalists (I suppose this is true, yorkaturr?).

I agree dwarves, can use magic.  I think magic should be more of a
knowlage thing like math. Although some are better at it then others
anyone can learn it with practice. It is not an innate ability at least
not in any of the humanaoid races.

> My opinion is that cross breeding should be allowed with certain limits
> (as Namhas said: "common" humans + "common" elves = half elves).
> Though there should be room for magical oddities such as catfolk/elf
> combo for example).

Yes i like Namhas's ideas well

> I'm going to reserve Gean for my own use and since it takes too much
> effort to find latest update of regions.txt Hook could update that for

I'm on it. :)

> me...oh, and not be offending but "Akix" sounds fairly stupid for me,

:(  Ok but i can't use hook or joshua. hook is an english word it can be
used as a noun like a fishing hook or a verb like the prostitute began
to hook her body. Its also the name of a god awful speilberg movie. You
know Peter Pan and captain Hook. Joshua is an english name, its my real
name, and is in the Bible. Well  I guess it isn't really English but
Hebrew but I'm pretty sure they spell and say it differently. Anyway in
the bible joshua is the guy who blew down the walls of Jarico with his
horn. So i can't use that or hook. I don't know how names of people are
chossen if other people do it for you or what. I like Akix though. Its
short, everyone seems to have long names, i thought I would give some

> you could add something to it and when speaking of stupid names,
> "Kattra" sounds like some sort of disease to me.

Sinister and I are the only ones who gave a difinitive yes on this one
so i guess its still in the air. Any one else have a suggestion for the
worls name.
> Since no-one complained against Hooks, or Joshuas, planet system
> I suggest we use it, amen! I'd imagine we will have pretty much earth
> quakes considering how close Majik is to a gas giant and two moons.

Yes physics will have to take a back door in this one but you must
realize almost any changes we make that are not close to earth's system
physics will have to be bent. Have anyone heard of the Anthropic

Joshua 'akix?'

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