Subject: poks
From: Beregar (beregar@majik3d.org)
Date: Wed Sep 22 1999 - 20:08:48 EEST

Matti Vanhanen wrote:

>   in my view of world, dwarves are kinda antimagical, so i wouldnt bother
> making magicusing dwarves. thou priestly powers should be allowed.
>   *wee, im alive again*
>   your own doggie-boy  Glabrezu.

Bah, perhaps they are but i think it's too used cliche (dwarves hate magic
except creation of magical items). Besides, they currently have their earth
elementalists (I suppose this is true, yorkaturr?).

My opinion is that cross breeding should be allowed with certain limits
(as Namhas said: "common" humans + "common" elves = half elves).
Though there should be room for magical oddities such as catfolk/elf
combo for example).

I have nothing against elf/dwarf combo though it really sounds strange
for me. About those elements...as far as I know "ice" is not an element
but water is.

I'm going to reserve Gean for my own use and since it takes too much
effort to find latest update of regions.txt Hook could update that for
me...oh, and not be offending but "Akix" sounds fairly stupid for me,
you could add something to it and when speaking of stupid names,
"Kattra" sounds like some sort of disease to me.

Since no-one complained against Hooks, or Joshuas, planet system
I suggest we use it, amen! I'd imagine we will have pretty much earth
quakes considering how close Majik is to a gas giant and two moons.

about those Torellians, they live in Torell I suppose? and dark elves
in Lanuin so I see no problems with them...

Still something where I should reply to?

- Beregar (Beregar@majik3d.org)

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