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Yea i got my elements mixed up sorry i guess  four elements are Earth, Wind,
Fire , Water
well back to the drawing board for me thanks for letting me know.
Jonathan at ""
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> Matti Vanhanen wrote:
> >   in my view of world, dwarves are kinda antimagical, so i wouldnt
> > making magicusing dwarves. thou priestly powers should be allowed.
> >
> >   *wee, im alive again*
> >
> >   your own doggie-boy  Glabrezu.
> Bah, perhaps they are but i think it's too used cliche (dwarves hate magic
> except creation of magical items). Besides, they currently have their
> elementalists (I suppose this is true, yorkaturr?).
> My opinion is that cross breeding should be allowed with certain limits
> (as Namhas said: "common" humans + "common" elves = half elves).
> Though there should be room for magical oddities such as catfolk/elf
> combo for example).
> I have nothing against elf/dwarf combo though it really sounds strange
> for me. About those far as I know "ice" is not an element
> but water is.
> I'm going to reserve Gean for my own use and since it takes too much
> effort to find latest update of regions.txt Hook could update that for
> me...oh, and not be offending but "Akix" sounds fairly stupid for me,
> you could add something to it and when speaking of stupid names,
> "Kattra" sounds like some sort of disease to me.
> Since no-one complained against Hooks, or Joshuas, planet system
> I suggest we use it, amen! I'd imagine we will have pretty much earth
> quakes considering how close Majik is to a gas giant and two moons.
> about those Torellians, they live in Torell I suppose? and dark elves
> in Lanuin so I see no problems with them...
> Still something where I should reply to?
> - Beregar (

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