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Subject: Re: Majik.planet.system
From: Beregar (
Date: Sat Sep 18 1999 - 15:44:50 EEST

hook wrote:

> proposal for majik system
> I have a proposal for the solar system of majik that I hope others take
> seriously. It is that majik is actually a moon of a gas giant planet
> that circles a sun. The reason for this is simply for just cool value
> and nothing more. I also propose that the gas giant that majik orbits
> has rings like saturn. Please check out this web site
> "" and see for
> yourselves. I mean if a player looks up in the sky and sees a ringed gas
> giant they will know this is not earth. Also eclipses would be common
> and last for a day or two. I know Beregar proposed a 6 mouth day with a
> six month night and it was dismissed because of adverse weather effects
> but we can have something similar with this system proposal some nights
> would be prolonged for a day or two  in the spring and fall also some
> nights would be brighter when the gas giant is full like when the moon
> is full but even more so. I see this as a good compromise.

I like very much this suggestion, howabout others? Only thing is that
we wouldn't have sun goddess then and I have to make few changes
to Brahjians, but it's ok.

btw, if you want to "claim" new areas, feel free to make changes in
those region files, since school started I don't have much time to
read/write mails or design new things. Hopefully this changes soon

- Beregar (

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