Subject: Majik.planet.system
From: hook (
Date: Tue Sep 14 1999 - 05:10:16 EEST

proposal for majik system

I have a proposal for the solar system of majik that I hope others take
seriously. It is that majik is actually a moon of a gas giant planet
that circles a sun. The reason for this is simply for just cool value
and nothing more. I also propose that the gas giant that majik orbits
has rings like saturn. Please check out this web site
"" and see for
yourselves. I mean if a player looks up in the sky and sees a ringed gas
giant they will know this is not earth. Also eclipses would be common
and last for a day or two. I know Beregar proposed a 6 mouth day with a
six month night and it was dismissed because of adverse weather effects
but we can have something similar with this system proposal some nights
would be prolonged for a day or two  in the spring and fall also some
nights would be brighter when the gas giant is full like when the moon
is full but even more so. I see this as a good compromise.

As for the two moons of Majik we could have them as other moons of the
gas giant or keep them as moons of majik.

If you study the PNG image i have supplied you will notice that i have
made majik's orbit to the gas giant perpendicular to the gas giants
orbit to the sun. This makes it so that the eclipses are not a weekly
event but rarer occurring only in the spring and fall.

I would also make the orbit of Majik around the gas giant seven days
this would put some substance to seven day week which on earth has no
astronomical significance.

I do realize that at the moment Majik has a sun that orbits it.
Obviously my proposal if accepted would negate this. The reason I do not
like the orbiting sun majik system is that i doesn't add any thing to
the game experience. It could be that it is easier to code. If that is
the case then i pull back submission. Other then that an orbiting sun
seems to give nothing to the game playing experience. While the gas
giant moon system i have proposed would heighten the experience greatly.
So please look at the cassini/nasa web page and the pictures and imagine
yourself exploring Majik hunting down dragons etc. with a giant ringed
sphere hovering in the sky above you.


If you like this proposal then please tell me i would be happy to work
on it further. I can get precise calculation as to when the eclipses
occur distances orbit times etc.. 

If this proposal is not liked I am fine with it but i would like to get
something done as to the nature of Majik 's planet because it has a huge
significance on the writing of race desc. People and plant and wildlife
are tremendously effected by the moons orbit, lengths of days, lengths
of years seasons, tides, etc. If you doubt this then explain why the
human female menstrual cycle is a month long? This is IMPORTANT stuff we
need precise time lengths and reasons for them.



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