RE: Spell symbols

Subject: RE: Spell symbols
From: Otso Makinen (
Date: Thu Sep 09 1999 - 12:55:48 EEST

> > Now these do need to be put in tune.. we dont need powers
> and forms. Only
> > spheres. I see no point in separating the elements - not
> in symbols but
> > maybe in actual spell as an argument, otherwise its going
> to bee too hard
> > to code a system that allows fireballs or waterbolts - if
> there would not
> > even be an argument for it.
> Too hard to code, eh? I have a pretty good idea how this all
> can be coded. IN FACT, I coded a system like this into
> Majik4 in a couple of hours. Don\'t tell me what is hard to
> code and what is not, mur.

If I remember right, the spells in Majik4 were all hand coded and this is
not a way for coding hundreds of different spells. We need an universal
system which, given the symbols, automagically generates the corresponding
spell effect. There should of course exist a possibility to add hand made

- Harum

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