Re: Battle automatic

Subject: Re: Battle automatic
From: Taneli Tikka (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 20:25:20 EEST

On Fri, 27 Aug 1999, Jerry 'Sinister' Kurunen wrote:

> Good idea, but the automatic system should be open for configuration.
> Players should be able to configure their character's personal
> automation "scripts" or behavior. Maybe everyone do not want to draw
> their sword, or whatever the primary weapon is, when attacked, even they
> had the skill. Maybe players want their character's first reaction to be
> fleeing or hiding instead of drawing weapon. Or maybe they want to pull
> out a bow or crossbow. Whatever the situation, players should be able to
> configure these automated actions given to them by skills and special
> abilities.

Yep, i didnt have the time to say that but now i do :).. of course the
whole "automatic system" should be open for config. After all if the
character knows good spells to blast those orcs to hell, he might not want
to use his sword at all. We also need a horde of those skills that work
automaticly, like tactics, body language, dodge, parry, etc..etc.. all
that.. by "body language" i mean the ability to read your opponents
movements in close combat and anticipate what he is about do (boxers and
full contact fighters do this alot, one of the most important skills to

As a result of this automatic skill system even a stupid player that knows
nothing of medival fighting etc.. can survive a little with a good
chracter.. the point is that the player may not know about fighting, but
if he has a character that is the best swordsman in the realm he surely
DOES know alot about fighting... if there is no automatic skill then even
the best swordsman is 'a sitting duck' and gets killed FAST in the hands
of stupid player.. and this should not be, since this should be RPG.. 
ok. you get the idea. :)


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