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Subject: Re: Battle automatic
From: Jerry 'Sinister' Kurunen (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 19:29:44 EEST

> I dont have much time to write mails right now so i'll be brief.
> I think we should code alot of automatic functions based on character
> skills and stats/knowledge.. after all this is a ROLEPLAYING game and that
> should make it possible for even a stupid player to play wise mage, or a
> man without legs or arms :) to play good swordsman. The player himself
> should not be forced to do every single action in combat (or anywhere
> else).. there should be alot of automatic stuff going on, based on how
> good his character is. example :
> character sees orc. Some automatic race-knowledge skill is checked and now
> he knows they are orcs, some combat-awarness skill notices that they have
> bad intentions and they use tactics to get the player in crossfire.
> automatic tactis-skill kicks in right away, as does automatic fast-draw
> skill for sword (the sword just pops right to characters hand if he is
> good at fast drawing and combat reflexes).. then he is ready for combat
> which is full of automatic parry/dodge/others..

Good idea, but the automatic system should be open for configuration.
Players should be able to configure their character's personal
automation "scripts" or behavior. Maybe everyone do not want to draw
their sword, or whatever the primary weapon is, when attacked, even they
had the skill. Maybe players want their character's first reaction to be
fleeing or hiding instead of drawing weapon. Or maybe they want to pull
out a bow or crossbow. Whatever the situation, players should be able to
configure these automated actions given to them by skills and special
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