Re: User interface proposal

Subject: Re: User interface proposal
From: hook (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 04:54:34 EEST

> Controlling your character requires both using your keyboard (movement)
> and your mouse (head). This mouse-keyboard style seems to be quite
> standard in first-person games today, allowing fast turns and glancing etc
> which are impossible to do with plain keyboard.
Sounds good

> While your character is standing still, moving the mouse turns the head.
> If you try to turn your head sideways more than the neck would allow, the
> character will turn. If you are moving forwards, turning character's head
> also turns his body, maybe with little delay so you can glance to one side
> or another while running straight forward.

Perhaps a more tome raider type interface for head turning most mouses
these days have two buttens on the mouse one could be used to toggle
between 1rst person doom like perspective another for tome raider like
view in which you can see your character. i like this becouse it gives
the user choice, instantly perhaps one would be better for combat but
the other better for exploring.

> We didn't decide anything specific on the object handling, except that
> there will be no separate "inventories". If you want to look into the
> pouch in your belt, you turn your head so you can see it and click on it
> to see what it contains.
> My idea for generic item-handling is that clicking the left mouse button
> would "use" an item in your hand (hit with a weapon, light a torch, read
> a scroll etc), and right mouse button would "manipulate" (pick, drop,
> press a button etc).

I understand your adversity towords toggling like invitories such as
quakes quick one button toggle between weapons but it seems combersome
to have to look at you sword just to pull it out. In real battle
situations such things are done by feel not sight. Perhaps each player
can toggle one to three items just by a button push but the rest have to
be point clicked with the mouse


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