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Subject: Re: User interface proposal
From: Atte Koivula (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 09:35:23 EEST

>the first one naturally is, how are we going to handle
>does the battle commence whenever two aggro entities come
>across each other inside certain radius, or do you have to 
>keep hitting the mouse button so that you\'ll hit the 
>monster or what?

Personally I detest \"battle modes\". As we have sometimes 
discussed, battle should be considered on a hit-by-hit basis 
with added pseudo-automatic features such as your character 
dodging automatically and by dodging taking steps to the 
sides or backwards etc so that you\'d have to watch what your 
character is doing, the same could apply to your character 
advancing towards your enemy and rushing into him if he is 
aggressive. So, in general, the characters movements 
should/could be partially controlled by the computer while 
the character himself would decide when to attack or flee 
and how. There should be a dodge/parry -adjuster, having 
more dodge vs parry would move your character around a lot 
and having more parry would keep him static and he would try 
to fend off incoming blows. 

Generally, making the battlesystem completely automatic 
would make it extremely boring, and it would be pretty 
difficult to come up with a versatile automatic battlesystem 
that would look and feel right. On the other hand, making it 
completely manual would make it extremely hard and 
exploitable, it would turn into a chasing performance, but 
then again, chasing performances should be possible 
considering the characters have only one single life. A fast 
pair of legs should be an advantage.

Also, as Majik\'s battlesystem strives to be realistic, there 
must be combat types (\"barbarian bashing\", \"tiger way\", 
\"brawler\'s special\", \"elven scimitar slashing\" etc), special 
attacks (\"flying kick\", \"full circle slash\", \"overhead bash\" 
etc), like in Majik4, and different types of attack/defence 
patterns that will make your character customizable 
(\"berserk\", \"aggressive\", \"careful\", \"evasive\", \"fleeing\"). 
This, I think, is the most important feature of the battle 
system. I have a pretty good picture of all this in my head 
(as I have thought about the battle system a LOT having 
coded this stuff into Majik4) and I will come up with 
more specific documentation once it is required. 


/Atte \"Yorkaturr\" Koivula <>
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