Re: User interface proposal

Subject: Re: User interface proposal
From: Lari Kuitunen (
Date: Thu Aug 26 1999 - 01:07:57 EEST

> Using this as an example, a battle might go like this:
> You see a couple of ugly orcs charging at you from the nearby forest.
> Feeling like a tough guy you decide to fight them. First, you look down
> the sword sheath tied to your belt, click right mouse button on the sword
> (we need a somekind of cursor or crosshair to coordinate actions) to
> it, and start fighting using the left mouse button. With better luck,
> you might have survived :).
> I'd like to have comments on this, just to know what do you think
> of it. 
> ++Dazzt

sounds nice, that ui, but there are few questions that arise from the 
concept of battle and combat.

the first one naturally is, how are we going to handle fighting?
does the battle commence whenever two aggro entities come across
each other inside certain radius, or do you have to keep hitting the mouse
button so that you'll hit the monster or what?

what is in my opinion quite important, is that battle won't become too
much "arcade-like", and that you won't have to run backwards and forwards
to catch your opponent if he is agile.
example of this: 
in eye of the beholder2, a classic dungeon-game i just played,
you can beat any monster by hitting the monster when it arrives in front of
and then step back before it can hit you back. 

humm..  well i had a point when i began this post but now i forgot it, 
damn wings of fury, can't even get the plane to rise up to the sky :)
been up way too long, guess i should get some sleep to
clear up my thoughts :)
you could all ponder how the battle is to be done since
i forgot my idea :)
- malekith

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