Re: Psionics

Subject: Re: Psionics
From: Taneli Tikka (
Date: Fri Aug 20 1999 - 19:02:28 EEST

On Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Juha Jantunen wrote:

> Speaking of which... I asked who's in charge, and got answered Namhas,
> who nobody listens to (?), and then he  denied it and insisted everyone
> decides by vote. *wry* So shall we put on a vote: is Namhas the Big Boss
> who everyone WILL listen to? It would help the project to have someone
> clearly in charge of things IMO...

We should put up MAJIK RY asap! and when we do be sure to inform me about
it. After that things become more clear, our dealing with companies and
who is in charge. The chairman of majik ry should be namhas, and other
members of the board should come from senior designers/developers.. most
RY organizations have about 5 members in the board or so, but the number
can really be anything from 3 to 50 :).. smaller board is prefered since
some meetings require 2/3 or 1/2 of boardmembers to be present before it
can be official. So we should not create a board larger than 5 or so
people.. After the first meeting of majik ry is been held (and the
organization created) i becomes official immediately when we post the
papers to registration office...


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